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The Russian Export Center (REC) is completing preparations for the official launch of the One Window information system. The system will provide businesses with online access to government and other services accompanying the export of companies. Alexei Mikhailik, REC Vice President, told Interfax when the launch of the system will take place, what services will first start operating, what services exporters will be able to receive.

– Alexey, at the Russian Export Center you are in charge of the direction responsible for launching the information system “One Window”. At what stage is development today, when is the launch of the system planned?

– We have been designing and developing the information system for over a year and today we are approaching the planned starting point for the first services for exporters.

We have completed all the main developments, created a modern digital platform on which government and analytical services for exporters will be based, have done a huge amount of work to interact with government agencies to create automatic algorithms for obtaining from these agencies the information that is needed for certain export procedures, but which now the exporters themselves receive. As a result, at the current moment more than 60 types of information are transmitted through SMEV (system of interdepartmental electronic interaction – IF), that is, through the data exchange channel between departmental structures. All this is done so that in order to receive services, exporters do not have to fill out a questionnaire for the thousandth time, attach the same documents. As a result, our services will become truly digital.

It is also important to note that in the process of working on the project, new participants joined us, such as, for example, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

It must be said here that this enormous work, not yet visible from the outside, is needed as a foundation for the creation of the One Window ecosystem. From the end of this year, services will begin to appear as elements of our ecosystem visible to consumers.

Now we have already provided general access to the “One Window” portal, we are filling it with news and services. The personal account is already working as an authorized zone, where the client enters using identification mechanisms, which work, including on the website of the State Services.

The work is proceeding at a good pace, working meetings of interdepartmental groups are regularly held, where more than 20 different authorities participate. There is constant communication with exporters.

The digital platform “One Window” itself has already been built – it is a repository of electronic documents and data that we receive from various sources, integration with these sources, a process designer and much more. Now this platform has started to grow with services. Our task is to launch their work by the end of November this year. By this time, all the commitments we have assumed must be fulfilled.

– While working on the “Single Window”, you invited a group of exporters to test the system. Got Feedback? Are they actively involved in the work?

– We interacted with exporters from the moment the system was designed. Since September last year, we have held meetings with them, invited them to our place and showed all the processes and prototypes of the “One Window” screen forms. When the digital platform was ready, we invited the most active exporters to participate in its testing. Representatives of over 200 companies took part in this work. We were in close contact with them, receiving feedback.

Taking into account the opinion of exporters, we have made major changes to the design, made the process of using your personal account more convenient, and made significant changes to each of the services. So, we have radically redesigned the services for the provision of state support, excluding scanned documents from the operation process, they were replaced by information provided by related departments.

The leaders and employees of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and other departments took an active part in this large-scale work on digitizing the state support for exporters, which, together with REC, digitize these processes to make them seamless.

We are inviting exporters step by step to take part in the testing of the Single Window. The other day, the first mailing was made to several thousand companies with a proposal to enter the portal and explore its capabilities. By the end of the year, the system will become available to everyone.

– What services will be launched in November?

– The launch of the system is carried out in a planned manner, which allows launching all services according to the schedule approved by the project roadmap. This is a number of state services represented by ministries and departments. The services of customs declaration and confirmation of a zero VAT rate will be the first to start operating on the principle of “one window”.

Services related to the expansion of exporters’ business will also be launched – searching for a potential buyer, as well as an exporter, when a foreign counterparty contacts our network in order to find a supplier.

Our task is to provide exporters with access to various services from one point, removing administrative barriers and providing opportunities for growth. This is what the “one window” services will be aimed at.

In addition, a huge block of analytical services, collected in the “Exporter’s Navigator”, will start working. It will allow companies by the name of the goods, or by the TN VED code (classifier of goods used in customs operations – IF), using information from foreign databases, as well as the analytics accumulated by the REC, to receive information about potential buyers and countries with a high level of demand for these goods …

– How many services do you plan to launch on the platform?

– For 2020-2021, more than 20 services will appear on the platform. Among them, access to certification and licensing procedures will be provided. Exporters say that they need help in obtaining permits. And the focus of the next year will be aimed precisely at ensuring that exporters can receive all the main documents in digital form.

– Who will provide services, in addition to government agencies, and what is the role of REC in this process?

– Next year there are plans to create an expert platform, a marketplace for partner services, where exporters will have access to dozens of services in demand on the market.

The possibility of rendering services by the largest carriers and logistics operators on the “One Window” platform is also being discussed. The result of the implementation of such a service can be a complex process from the moment the client’s request is formed, the formation of the route of movement to “landing” on state support for export transport activities.

– Do you already have an understanding of what services will be most in demand?

– The Russian Export Center has been providing consulting, digital non-financial and financial services for five years. And we have a good idea of ​​what services are in demand by our clients, taking into account the needs of the client base of the Russian Insurance Agency EXIAR JSC and the specialized export-import bank Roseximbank JSC, which are part of the REC Group. It is this information that we used when designing the system. But now we understand that in the future the system will self-develop, acquiring new services based on the needs of the users themselves – exporters.

– Can the “One Window” system be called unique? Are there any analogues abroad?

– “Single window” projects exist in many countries. The most famous project was created in Singapore. There “one window” is a complex of electronic customs, services of logistics operators and banks for the automatic write-off of various payments related to foreign economic activity.

Also a well-known example of the “single window” of the port of Hamburg in Germany, where logistics and customs services for sea transport are combined into a single point. There is a UN directive that describes the principles of creation and the “single window” model.

At the same time, today the world experience is associated with the fact that a rather limited list of services is implemented in the “single window”. The task facing the “one window” in Russia is much broader – to promote an increase in the number of exporters and an increase in the volume of their export activities. Thus, the share of exporters in the total number of all companies in Russia is less than 1%, in other countries this figure is from 10% to 20%. Therefore, the coverage of “one window” services is much wider than what exists in world practice – from searching for a potential exporter, providing global analytics and searching for a potential foreign partner, to providing access to government services and support.

– What are your plans for the development of Single Window in the near future?

– The plans are huge. We plan to expand access to government services. Next year we have to create 20 more services. And, first of all, it is digital access to permits.

The second direction of development will be associated with the expansion of the exporters’ business, with the search for potential buyers, communication with them, promotion, and so on.

A very large amount of work is the relationship with export support centers (CES), which are present in more than 80 regions of Russia, as well as foreign representative offices of REC and trade missions. We are already creating services that unite jobs in the regions and abroad.

There is also a huge layer of work in analytics. At the moment, we have connected to a large number of foreign databases that collect and consolidate information around the world, for example, about container shipping, marketing campaigns, companies. We are working to consolidate these disparate databases to provide exporters with comprehensive analytical information.

Thus, the “One Window” system will develop in different directions at once in accordance with the needs of exporters. Now REC is a part of a large “One Window”.

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