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Headline: Art Meets Tech to Take on Global Challenges

“It is the function of art to carry us beyond speech to experience,” author Joseph Campbell said in praise of the transformative power of art to evoke human emotion. Engaging new audiences and creating revelatory experiences are just two of the ways SAP Gallery of Purpose is raising awareness for critical challenges of sustainable development that impact our world.

This visionary program commissions public artwork that explores themes of purpose and seeks to inspire people through the power of emotion in order to bring about change in their actions and behaviors. So far, the program has addressed issues of gender equity, education, hunger and food waste, and the role of technology.

As an installation housed in a physical space, the gallery presents a new medium to experience the complementary powers of technology and art to elicit emotion and drive action. Artists who have created the pieces are recognized masters in their fields and use a range of expressive media to connect with their audiences at a personal level. Mixed digital media, visual arts, food, and textiles are just a part of their creative palette for telling the wider story about the role of technology in inspiring purposeful change in the world.

Each work of art distinctively reflects SAP’s commitment to its mission to help the world run better and improve people’s lives, in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The art pieces are inspired by stories of purpose-driven initiatives from the SAP network of customers, partners, employees, and not-for-profit organizations.

As the 17th most valuable brand in the world and as Germany’s most valuable brand, SAP is uniquely positioned to connect people with information about global challenges that demand action. The company focuses its efforts mainly on the circular economy, climate action, creating a skilled and inclusive workforce, equality for all, social and inclusive entrepreneurship, and mental health and well-being.

Global Month of Service at SAP

Gallery curators hope that the artworks – as well as the customer stories behind them – will inspire SAP employees to take action during the Global Month of Service 2020.

Throughout October, SAP employees are encouraged to participate in purpose-focused activities and online sessions, as well as volunteer their time and talents – in a virtual capacity this year – to not-for-profits or social enterprises around the world. Each week is dedicated to a different topic area: Supporting Equality for All; Building a Digitally Inclusive Workforce; Cultivating Climate Action; and Promoting Inclusive, Diverse, and Social Entrepreneurship. These topics are matched to pivotal works of art in the gallery, as described in the videos below.

SAP Gallery of Purpose Highlights

SAP Gallery of Purpose artwork is on display to the public at Hudson Yards, co-located with the SAP offices in New York City, until the end of the year. Although the COVID-19 crisis has minimized foot traffic through Hudson Yards, you can still engage with the individual artworks and learn about the perspectives and inspiration of the artists online at the SAP Gallery of Purpose.

PowHERful | Artist: Markus Sebastiano

“PowHERful” celebrates gender equality by showing how when both men and women lift women up, the world moves forward. Drawing inspiration from an SAP customer story, the artist says that he wants people to feel inspired and hopeful that gender equality is moving in the right direction and SAP is doing its part to advance the cause through its Equality for All initiatives, which supports Gender Equality (SDG # 5).

SAP Gallery of Purpose: Gender Equality

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Respect, Reuse, Reclaim | Artist: Carmen Maria Piazza

Created in collaboration with Goodr, “Respect, Reuse, Reclaim” seeks to draw attention to the fight to end world hunger and bring about more sustainable patterns of consumption in support of climate action. Made of repurposed food waste and textiles, the art exemplifies the circular economy as it commemorates marginalized people and those who go hungry. It is inspired by an SAP customer story about the fight to end world hunger by 2030, in support of Zero Hunger (SDG #2).

SAP Gallery of Purpose: Respect, Reuse, Reclaim

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The Great Equalizer | Artist: Liam Alexander

Through inspiring curiosity and empathy, “The Great Equalizer” affirms the importance of quality education in providing opportunity for people everywhere and building a digitally inclusive workforce. SAP’s shares this belief through its commitment to lifelong learning initiatives that create a skilled and inclusive workforce in support of Quality Education (SDG 4) and Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8)

SAP Gallery of Purpose: The Great Equalizer

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Sustaining Mother Earth | Artist: Markus Sebastiano

“Sustaining Mother Earth” calls awareness to the theme of responsible consumption and production, with the intent to inspire a transition to more resource efficient and sustainable economies. Working with repurposed materials, the artist took inspiration for this artwork from an SAP customer story about responsible procurement. SAP is committed to cultivating climate action (SDG # 13) through the transition to more resource-efficient and sustainable economies to help turn the tide and reduce environmental harm.

SAP Gallery Of Purpose: Sustaining Mother Earth

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Find your creative inspiration to take action for sustainable change.

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