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Source: United States House of Representatives – Congressman Al Green (TX-9)

(Missouri City, TX) – On Wednesday, October 14, 2020, Congressman Al Green released the following statement, reiterating his call for justice for Joshua Johnson:

“175 days ago, Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Tu Tran killed Joshua Johnson,” Congressman Al Green stated at the site of Joshua Johnson’s questionable shooting death on the morning of April 22, 2020. “For nearly six months, I have worked with my constituents, Mr. and Mrs. Beary, to uncover the truth about what happened to their son and to determine whether there is probable cause for an arrest for Deputy Tran. Unfortunately, the new evidence we have discovered has raised more questions than answers.”

Congressman Green – whose district includes the neighborhood where Joshua resided and was killed – added, “There are several issues that must be raised regarding the determination of whether this tragedy was a crime:

  • How could an investigating officer present an accurate assessment of the facts to Mr. and Mrs. Beary near the scene within two hours after Joshua was killed, before having done a walkthrough; without talking to Deputy Tran; without the benefit of a camera recording; before the medical examiner examined Mr. Johnson’s body; before an autopsy was performed; before a ballistics report was produced?
  • How did a second bullet hit the garage of a neighbor across the street with no clear path from where Deputy Tran has indicated the shooting took place?
  • Why did Deputy Tran leave the area immediately after shooting Joshua?”

Congressman Green continued, “Each of these issues lead us to believe there is probable cause for arrest and indictment. The persistent ambiguity of the events surrounding Joshua’s death is unacceptable. Joshua’s loved ones and I have been unwavering in our pursuit of justice, and now, we believe a jury should decide the fate of this case.”