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Source: UK Government

A new payment fee to cover work completed for sending hearings is being introduced on 19 October 2020.
Online guidance is now available on how to claim this fee.
The changes will come into effect for magistrates’ court representation orders on or after 19 October 2020.
Why is this happening now?
The new fee payment applies to cases sent to the Crown Court for trial. It is part of the package of accelerated measures under the criminal legal aid review (CLAR).
Where can I find out more?
Where to find the guidance
What is changing
Criminal legal aid manual
Fee may only be claimed under a magistrates’ court representation order. Updated guidance sets out the steps that need to be taken for this order to be issued. This is subject to the eligibility tests being met.
Criminal bills assessment manual
New section on claiming the fee now included.
Guidance for reporting crime lower work
Codes that should be used when claiming the fee on CWA have been added.
Guide to the changes in reporting crime lower work
Information on claiming the fee on CWA added.
Further information
Standard Crime Contract 2017 – see the previously published new section in chapter 10 for draft amendments covering the fee
Criminal Legal Aid (Remuneration) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 – to view regulatory changes introducing new fee
Criminal Legal Aid Review – MOJ consultation hub

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