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Source: Central Bank of the Russian Federation in English

14 October 2020

A Fintech Hub of the Bank of Russia will provide the university with opportunities to develop its master programmes and to arrange internship for talented students at the largest Russian financial companies. This new educational facility will train specialists in financial technologies, cybersecurity and payment instruments.

An agreement on cooperation confirming these arrangements was signed by Roman Ivanov, Rector of Sirius University, and Olga Skorobogatova, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia.
According to this agreement, in January 2021, the university will arrange a specialised class with an academic and practical laboratory, training modules and programmes of additional education for schoolchildren, students and specialists working at financial companies.
‘Our joint project with Sirius University will allow young specialists to choose their job based not only on theoretical knowledge but also on serious practical training. Both the financial market and technological companies desperately need such experts’, noted Olga Skorobogatova.
In September 2021, the university plans to open a new master programme Financial Mathematics and Financial Technologies. This course will be partially taught at the Fintech Hub. This master programme will combine the existing practical methods and the research in mathematical statistics, optimal control theory and machine learning. The main objective of this programme is to search for innovative solutions in the sphere of financial technologies. Students will learn the operating principles of financial institutions and approaches to the implementation of innovative technologies, as well as mathematical statistics, optimal control theory and machine learning.
 ‘A comprehensive integration of the educational component, science and needs of the leading Russian companies is one of the foundational principles of Sirius University. This way each party wins, but the most important thing is that we lay the groundwork for the growth of the Russian economy’, said Roman Ivanov.
Bank of Russia experts will give lectures at the university and act as mentors for students.
‘Mentorship helps establish the most efficient and trusting communication between talented individuals and the best experts in their fields. It is quite difficult to arrange but there is nothing better from the point of view of results’, noted the rector.
Moreover, top university students and the recipients of grants from the President of the Russian Federation paid by the Talent and Success Fund will have an opportunity to undertake an internship at the Bank of Russia.
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