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Source: State of Tasmania Government

15 October 2020

Michael Ferguson, Minister for State Growth

Legislation to further reduce unnecessary red tape and over regulation has passed the House of Assembly.

This is the second tranche of the Tasmanian Liberal Government’s red tape reforms, which are already assisting industry to get on with the job of building job-creating houses and infrastructure in Tasmania, and strongly supported by stakeholders.

The second tranche legislation facilitates clear, timely and efficient assessment processes that can deliver private and public sector infrastructure and development by streamlining the existing land use planning pathway.

It provides clear legislated timeframes for local government to sign off on development permit conditions to seal final plans.

The Bill also prescribes strict timeframes for state regulatory bodies, such as the Land Titles Office, EPA and Heritage Council.

This isn’t all the Government is doing. We are also pursuing a range of non-statutory reforms as part of this important project, including improving the process for Crown land consent, looking at options for a more efficient No Permit Required determination process and broadening the definition of Minor Amendments to deal with minor works.

Unnecessary red tape and over regulation can cause difficulties and significantly increase costs for Tasmanian small businesses, and we are committed to removing these barriers and growing our economy and jobs.

This is particularly important as we head into post-COVID recovery, with investment and job creation more important now than ever.