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The subsidy scheme for promotion of contactless payment in public markets under the third round of the Anti-epidemic Fund opened for applications today, the Food & Environmental Hygiene Department announced.

The department said the scheme, with an application deadline of November 30, will provide a one-off subsidy to tenants of public markets to promote contactless payment in market stalls.

It added that the use of contactless payment is desirable from the public hygiene perspective and conducive to reducing the virus transmission risk in markets.

A one-off subsidy will be provided to tenants of the department’s market stalls, including cooked food stalls, at a flat rate of $5,000 each.

The subsidy will be used to meet initial set-up costs as well as service and other fees related to the provision of at least one contactless payment means, which would be processed through a licensed bank or a stored value facility licensee regulated by the Monetary Authority, or a debit or credit card scheme, for market patrons.

The scheme is expected to benefit about 12,000 stall tenants.

Tenants should submit applications to the department and obtain approval in principle before signing a relevant contract with a service provider.

The tenant also has to produce a valid service contract with a duration of no less than two years and the department will conduct inspections to ensure completion of installation before disbursing the subsidy.

Application forms can be obtained from the department’s District Environmental Hygiene Offices.

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