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Source: US State of West Virginia

The fiber infrastructure has been built to connect the Kanawha Valley area to a data center operated by Alpha Technologies. The project is designed to expand access to broadband for businesses across the region.

“The Governor’s executive order eliminating right-of-way fees, legislative action on dig once policies, low interest loans from the West Virginia Economic Development Authority, and our ability to partner with WorkForce West Virginia has enabled us to double our workforce and connect more businesses with fiber and broadband infrastructure,” said Doug Tate, Alpha Technologies CEO. “The Governor’s leadership has been key to our success.”

For the past five years, Alpha has worked to install 35 miles of fiber optic cable, connecting a state-of-the-art, 80,000-square-foot data center designed to provide cloud computing and data center services to the business community of Charleston and South Charleston. Typically, these are services that are only available in markets like Charlotte, Atlanta, Columbus, and Pittsburgh.​