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Extension of paternity leave, revaluation of the supplementary disability allowance (ASI), new Emergency Patient Package (FPU), development of the offer of birth centers. reviews the main measures planned for individuals in the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS) for 2021.

Presented to the Council of Ministers on October 7, the Social Security financing bill will be examined by Parliament in the coming weeks. It provides for the following measures:

Extension of paternity leave

Paternity and childcare leave, introduced in 2002 in order to provide support to the mother and guarantee the protection of her health, allows the second parent to benefit from a leave of 11 days (18 days in the event of multiple births) consecutive, within 4 months of the birth of the child. It is in addition to the 3 days of authorized absence for employees during which the salary is maintained.

The 2021 PLFSS provides for a doubling of this leave as of July 1, 2021. It will thus be extended to 28 days of total stoppage, or 1 month. Leave compensated by Social Security will increase from 11 to 25 days. For multiple births, the leave will always be extended by an additional week compared to a single birth, ie 32 days of leave in total.

This measure will also apply in the event of the adoption of a child.

Paternity and childcare leave will also be made partly compulsory by prohibiting the employer from making the employee work for a period of 7 days immediately after the birth of the child. This employment ban aims first and foremost to combat inequalities in the rate of use of this leave, by allowing the most precarious employees to have access to it more easily than today.

Revaluation of the supplementary disability allowance (ASI)

The ASI is a social minimum for disabled people with limited resources. To receive it, you must receive an invalidity pension, a survivor’s pension, a widower’s or widower’s invalidity pension or an early retirement pension for disability, long career or hardship. There is no minimum age for receiving ASI but you must not have reached the age for receiving the solidarity allowance for the elderly (ASPA), ie 62 years old.

After a first revaluation carried out in 2020, the increase in this allowance will be continued in 2021, guaranteeing a level of resources of € 800 per month for a single person (€ 750 in 2020).

Lump sum contribution for a visit to the emergency room without hospitalization

The co-payment proportional to the amount of treatment will be replaced from January 1, 2021 by a flat-rate contribution: the Patient Emergency Package (FPU).

It must be paid by all insured for each visit to the emergency room that does not require hospitalization and will be covered by their complementary health insurance.

Pregnant women, the chronically ill and the disabled, who are currently exempt from the co-payment, will have to pay a reduced amount.

The fixed amount of this package will be defined by decree.

Development of the birth center offer

The PLFSS 2021 proposes to perpetuate birth centers.

These are autonomous structures for monitoring pregnancy, childbirth and its aftermath, placed under the exclusive responsibility of midwives and which are aimed at women with no particular history or co-morbidities, who want comprehensive support.

This system has been the subject of experimentation since 2013 through 8 birth centers, the results of which have been positive, from the point of view of the quality and safety of care, the efficiency of care and the diversity of approaches given to women and couples.

It could be developed in the region to organize access for women who so wish to this type of care.

Namely: The Social Security financing law for 2021 will be voted before the end of 2020.

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