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On virtual excursions, users will get acquainted with the history of the nobility’s drawing rooms, walk along the Morning Path alley and replenish their knowledge in the field of biology.

Parks under the jurisdiction of Department of Culture of Moscow, Prepared video lectures, online tours and virtual master classes. This week, viewers will be told about the exploits of Admiral Fyodor Ushakov, Persian miniatures and the beneficial properties of viburnum. In addition, users will be able to walk along the historical route of the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve, play charades and do physical therapy.

Virtual classes will be held daily from 12 to 18 October on the parks pages on social networks.

Look into the noble’s living room and learn about the Chinese apple

For subscribers of the YouTube channel #includesaritsynoorganize a virtual tour of the Morning Path alley. This is a route known since the 19th century through the landscape park of the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve. Users will be told about the main attractions along the way. The online tour will be conducted by the General Director of the Museum-Reserve Elizaveta Fokina. The video will be published on October 15 at 12:00.

Vorontsovo Estate will present a new lecture from the mini-cycle about greenhouses. The theme of this issue will be orange. The guide Natalia Slobodova will explain why this fruit is called the Chinese apple, when it came to Russia and how it is grown. The video will be published on October 15 at 12:00 on the pages of the park in social networks “Instagram” and “In contact with”.

The next lecture of the # noble living room project will appear in the same accounts. Olga Baranova, an employee of Library No. 259, will talk about Persian miniature – small paintings with images on mythological or religious themes. The lecture will be published on October 17 at 12:00.

Improve pronunciation and become familiar with gardening

Park “Severnoye Tushino” will present two new projects: a series of lectures on trees and bushes and a cycle “The Great Naval Commanders of Russia”. On October 13 at 18:00, Captain 1st Rank Yuri Korobko, an employee of the Museum of the History of the Navy, will tell about the life and exploits of Admiral Fyodor Ushakov. The video will be published on the pages of the park in social networks “In contact with”, “Instagram”and Facebook…

And on October 14 at 15:00, a lecture on Kalina will be posted here. Viewers will learn about the different types of this shrub and its healing properties.

Tagansky Park has prepared a master class on speech technique, it will be conducted by the theater and film actor Ildar Shamikov. He will show exercises for developing diction. The air will take place on October 12 at 19:00 on the social network “Instagram”…

For those who would like to speak correctly and know more about their native language, on October 17 at 12:00 on the pages of Tagansky Park in social networks “In contact with”, “Instagram” and Facebookwill post the first lesson of the new heading “Russian without rules”. In the classroom, viewers will be introduced to the history of language development and help them get rid of common mistakes.

Speak German and do physical therapy

Park “Krasnaya Presnya” invites you to physical therapy classes. On the air, Georgy Steklov, winner of the World Acrobatics Championships, will demonstrate a special set of exercises for adults and children. The broadcast will be held on October 14 on the official page of the park on the social network “Instagram” at 14:00.

Online classes in English and German are held in Gorky Park. In the next lesson in English, they will start studying the groups from the times of Future in the Past. The lesson will be held on October 15 at 19:00 on the Zoom online platform.

The topic of the next German lesson will be verb control. The meeting will take place on October 12 at 19:00 in Zoom.

On social networks of the N.E. Bauman will publish the next lesson of the Italian language course. The topic of the new lesson is education and the use of adjectives. The video will be posted on the pages of the garden in social networks “In contact with”, “Instagram” and FacebookOctober 17 at 15:00.

Make an original collage and shine with intelligence

On the pages of Babushkinsky Park in social networks “In contact with”, “Instagram”and Facebookwill publish two master classes for children. The first will start at 12:00 on October 13. Participants will assemble a butterfly-shaped collage from dry leaves. And on October 17 at 13.00 children will be taught how to make applications.

Lianozovsky Park has prepared a cycle of live broadcasts for schoolchildren. Children will practice mindfulness exercises, test their knowledge of flora and fauna, play charades, Crocodile and other games. Broadcasts will take place on October 12, 14, 16 at 12:00 on the park page on Instagram…

And on October 13 and 15 at 18:00, the youngest subscribers are invited to classes in the creative workshop. Children will be able to master the mixed drawing technique, create an autumn forest from plasticine and collect an unusual bouquet.

Schoolchildren are encouraged to spend the rest of their vacation week children’s technoparks in Moscow… Free intensive courses, lectures and master classes were prepared for them. Classes will be held online from 12 to 17 October. Children will be introduced to the technology of creating virtual reality and the basic principles of oil pipelines. They will be able to gain public speaking skills and learn how to distinguish a real gem from a fake. Their online classes for children aged six to 12, during the holidays, the capital’s parks are also held.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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