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Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said the Government will put forward its livelihood measures as soon as they are ready to benefit the community as early as possible.

Mrs Lam told reporters this morning that livelihood issues are under the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s purview, adding that she would not withhold livelihood improvement measures for the Policy Address.

“I truly believe when the Government is ready in terms of policy execution and resources, then we should disclose those livelihood (measures) to the community as early as possible, so that the people could actually benefit earlier (rather) than waiting for the Chief Executive’s occasion of delivering a Policy Address.”

She cited the housing and livelihood measures announced in June 2018 and January this year as examples.

“One would expect that the Chief Executive could withhold these measures so that the Policy Address would be more popular, but I did not.

“In June 2018, I announced several housing policy (measures) including the delinking of the sale price of the subsidised housing from the private market pricing so that prospective owners could buy their flats cheaper than the previous practice.

“I also announced measures about transitional housing and other measures.

“In January this year, I announced another package of livelihood (measures) without waiting for the Policy Address.”

Mrs Lam said she will ask the responsible principal officials to announce the livelihood measures once they are ready.

“For example, about increasing the number of statutory holidays to be on par with the public holidays, the Secretary for Labour & Welfare will shortly initiate the process in consulting the Labour Advisory Board in order to take that forward as soon as possible.”

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