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Source: United States House of Representatives – Congressman Andy Kim (NJ-03)

The following are remarks delivered by Congressman Kim on October 9th, 2020 at a press conference with state and local leaders announcing funding to assist with COVID-19 relief.

Thank you everyone for coming here today. Thank you, Governor, for joining us here in Evesham to be able to talk about such an important contribution to our community here.

I have been so proud to be able to work alongside Congressman Don Norcross, the New Jersey delegation to be able to deliver for our state during such a tough time. We know that we got hit early on. That we were the center of this epidemic in the entire world at the very outset of this in our country. We’ve been through a lot together. And our delegation has worked tooth and nail, fought tooth and nail for us to be able to deliver everything that we need and deserve here in New Jersey, across all of our counties.

That’s what this is about today. It’s just fighting for what is fair and what we need. What we have gone through has been a national security crisis. It has been an unimaginable death toll and suffering across this nation, and we have felt it right here in Burlington County. We have a lot that we need to be able to do to be able to heal. To be able to recover. And this funding is essential for that.

I’m really grateful for the leadership of the Mayor, of Tom and the entire team at the County level, for all the township council here. Because what we know is that there’s no single level of government alone that can solve the problems that we’re facing right now. If ever there was a time where we worked together for common cause, putting aside the partisanship, it’s right now. In this national security crisis, it demands for us to be better. And to be able to treat our constituents, treat the people in our town, as neighbors, as the family that they are.

I’m proud to be here, standing here today, because I grew up just down the road from here. Over in Kings Grant just down Barton Run. Where my mother and my father still live. This is the community that raised me. The reason why my mom and my dad chose Evesham to raise me and my sister is because of the great schools, the safe community. And that’s exactly what it is. It’s a community. People looking out for each other.

Growing up here, no one asked me I was, if my family were Democrats or Republicans, we were just people here, growing up here, going to little league here, hitting my first home run here. This is what I love about Evesham. What I love about Burlington County. So, as we hear, and we’re talking about how much money is coming back, the millions of dollars to Burlington County, the millions of dollars to other communities across our state, let’s not think about that in terms of just dollar signs. Let’s not think about that in terms of just talking points that are out there for us to show what we’re delivering. We think about it in terms of the lives that are being affected and the people who are going to benefit from this. People like my mom and dad, who again, still live over in Kings Grant. People that I’ve been worried about as both of them have pre-existing conditions. My mother, a nurse right here in the community hasn’t gone to work in a long time because of fear about the virus. It has changed my family, as it has all of yours.

What we need here, is every resource that we have available through this crisis to be able to do that. Congressman Norcross and I are committed to continuing the fight for each and every dollar to go come back to New Jersey. It is what is fair. We know that already New Jersey doesn’t get our fair share back from the federal government, that we only get back about 81 cents for every dollar we put into the Federal Treasury. What we’re asking for is just what is fair, especially during this crisis.

So, I feel incredibly humbled to be here, to be able to stand here with the Governor in the town that raised me. In the district where I have the chance to be able to represent the place where I went to kindergarten, where I’m raising my two baby boys here. All of us are here because we have our hearts in this location, in this town, in this county, in this great state. And all of us will continue to fight together to be able to get through this crisis. And if we do that right, I am certain that we’ll come out on the other side of this crisis stronger than we were going in. Because that’s what this state is about. God bless New Jersey. Thank you.