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Source: DGB – BundesvorstandPM 061 – 09.10.2020Reiner Hoffmann on the motion for a resolution of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia “Wrong signal to the employees” DGB Chairman Reiner Hoffmann said on Friday in front of the Bundesrat plenum in Berlin: “The NRW state government is obviously not interested in a meaningful review of possible bureaucratic burdens with its application . Instead, under the pretext of reducing bureaucracy and under the guise of the Corona crisis, a sweeping attack is being made against all rights of workers who could be a thorn in the side of employers. That is the wrong signal to the employees, who are massively affected by the crisis, ”said Hoffmann. “In the crisis we need more solidarity instead of less,” Hoffmann continued. On the proposal to increase the mini job limit to 530 euros, Hoffmann replied: “During the Corona crisis it became particularly clear that mini-jobbers are not protected on the labor market. Demanding an increase in the mini-job limit is irresponsible, because it would squeeze a good half a million regular employees into mini-jobs. Employers’ requests for flexibility are resolved at the expense of the employees, who are often denied regular employment. This will fuel the low-wage sector again. ”The DGB also decidedly rejects the demand to extend the maximum duration of the non-objective time limit from 2 to 3 years and to increase the maximum extension option from three to four times. “This proposal is a bold attempt to shift the entrepreneurial risk onto the employees,” said Hoffmann. “For countless employees whose fixed-term contracts ended during the crisis, even short-time working wasn’t a support. You landed immediately in unemployment. ”This particularly affects young employees under 25 years. “We must not allow a Corona generation with no prospects to grow up, for whom uncertainty and precarious conditions will become the ‘new normal’. Objective time limits should be completely abolished. ”“ The recording of working hours is more than necessary, as shown by the annually around 1 billion unpaid overtime that employees work. This number has remained at the same high level for years, ”said Hoffmann. In many companies there is already a manipulation-proof working time recording. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) confirmed more than a year ago that it strengthens workers’ rights and must be implemented in all companies. The choice of means must be based on practicality and an effective prevention of possible abuse by the employer. “The talk of the time clock in the digital 21st century is nothing more than a cheap excuse,” said the DGB chairman. The trade unionist clearly criticized the mandate addressed to the Federal Council to check the threshold values ​​based on company size and as far as possible to simplify. Hoffmann: “That by no means creates legal certainty or less bureaucracy. Instead, the protection of employees is weakened in the future. “With a view to the categorical rejection of a financial transaction tax or the recovery of the wealth tax, Hoffmann said:” The Corona crisis has made it clear that every individual contributes to us in this country can live in prosperity and security. It is a matter of justice that strong shoulders should do more to overcome the economic crisis. It has nothing to do with bureaucracy, but it does with solidarity. “




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