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Houses are distinguished by color, architecture, striking details or unusual materials used in decoration.

In Moscow, more than 460 launch sites have been selected for the construction of houses under the renovation program, more than 60 houses have already been erected. All houses are built according to individual projects. But the architects are faced with the task of not only making the house memorable, but also organically fit it into the urban environment.

Typical houses are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Construction of housing designed according to individual projects is in fashion. At the same time, it is important to maintain a balance so that the building is noticeable, but not flashy, says Sergey Glubokin, deputy head of the architectural council of the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning.

“We choose calm colors for our houses. If a bright color is used, then usually as an accent that allows you to highlight the entrance groups or other elements: they will help a person navigate. We make sure that the neighboring houses are not the same, that they have facades not only of different colors, but also of different textures, ”says the architect.

Despite the external differences, all houses built under the renovation program comply with its strict standards. There are at least two elevators in the entrances – passenger and cargo-passenger, there are rooms for concierges and wheelchairs. The ground floors are dedicated to grocery stores, cafes, pharmacies, laundries, social service centers or resettlement information centers. And after the completion of construction, the area around the houses is landscaped and landscaped.

Classic and loft

Most of the houses under the renovation program are built in a monolithic way, and ventilated facades are used for decoration. Modern technologies allow us to use a variety of materials for decoration and give the house the desired style, says Sergey Glubokin.

“The ventilated facade is made on monolithic houses, and the range of materials is quite wide. This is an artificial stone, it is also porcelain stoneware, and clinker tiles, and cement tiles, ”he notes.

For example, in the Danilovsky District, the starting house under the renovation program will be built in the classical style. The building of three sections with a height of 11-12 floors will be decorated in cold colors. For cladding, concrete panels are used that imitate natural stone, and stained glass will be installed on the balconies. Air conditioners can be placed in special baskets. Nothing superfluous – strict, laconic lines and a minimum of jewelry and decorative elements.

And the house in the Lyublino district will be built in the loft style. This architectural style, which is fashionable today, is characterized by such features as open brickwork and rough, maximally functional details. And these features can be seen in the project. So, the facades will be faced with sawn bricks of three different shades – red, burgundy and brown. Changing the color will create a gradient effect of maroon-brown shades. The balconies will be fully glazed, and baskets for air conditioners will be installed on the walls.

In Danilovsky District, they began to build a house under the renovation program House under the renovation program in the Lyublino area will be completed by the end of the year

Shared stylobate and underground parking

For the house, which will be built under the renovation program on Bazovskaya Street, the architects have chosen an unusual shape. The two sections of the complex do not have a common wall, but are united by a common stylobate and underground parking. This solution will avoid the effect of a well: due to separate buildings, sunlight will penetrate between the sections and illuminate the courtyard. At the same time, the common ground floor forms the private space of the courtyard – strangers will not enter there. The facades will be faced with concrete clinker tiles, as well as porcelain stoneware with a wood-like texture.

A similar idea is being implemented in the Nizhny Novgorod region. A residential complex of three houses will be erected on Novokhokhlovskaya Street.

“The complex will consist of three houses, united by a common underground part. All buildings will be made in the same style, while their heights will be different, which will give the residential complex a dynamic and modern look. The buildings form a semi-enclosed courtyard, where all conditions for recreation for children and adults will be created, ”said the chief architect of the city of Moscow

Sergey Kuznetsov…

For the design of the facades, concrete slabs imitating bricks and metal cassettes made of galvanized steel will be used. Stained-glass glazing will give a special style and rhythm to the project.

Stylish details: dominoes and arches

The house, which will be built under the renovation program in the Kosino-Ukhtomsky area, will look like a domino. The facades will make it remarkable: for their decoration, the architects suggested using clinker tiles in two colors – black and white. At the same time, on a black background, the balconies will be left white – as if the dots on the domino. And so that the view does not spoil the baskets for air conditioners, they will be made in the same color as the wall.

Another house, decorated in black and white, will be built on Baumanskaya Street. Despite the fact that the color scheme will be similar, the houses cannot be confused, even if they were located next to each other. The main distinguishing feature of the house in the Basmanny District is the arched windows on one of the facades, which refer us to classical architecture. And five different-storey sections make the silhouette of the building expressive. At the same time, the architects neatly fit the house into the surrounding buildings on Baumanskaya Street. The first floors will be completely given over to the public function, and the entrances to shops and pharmacies will be organized from the outside of the house.

The house on Malaya Tulskaya Street will be made in a neutral champagne color. The cladding material made of metal panels will be unusual. The building will not stand out too much from the surrounding buildings with its color, but at the same time it will be quite noticeable due to the chosen material and architecture. Facades made in different planes and large windows of the balcony glazing, framed with a light metal lattice, will make the building memorable.

From house facades to district images

Until now, architects have mainly designed free-standing start houses or small complexes as part of the renovation program. Residents of five-story buildings of the first wave of resettlement are moving into them, which makes it possible to free up space for the construction of entire blocks under the renovation program. It is assumed that houses in the future will be designed within the framework unified architectural concept, developed for the entire district, taking into account the approved planning projects of territories.

By the end of 2020, Moskomarkhitektura plans to hold tenders for the development of the architectural appearance of the renovation quarters.

“We are moving on to large-scale work with entire neighborhoods, searching for new images of the districts,” said the chief architect of Moscow, Sergei Kuznetsov. – These should not be just houses – they should have their own face with a fundamentally different quality of the urban environment, architecture and public spaces. On the basis of the proposed concepts, design will be done, and working documentation will be developed, and, in fact, construction will proceed in these areas. We count on the broadest involvement of the district residents, on a dialogue with them with the involvement of the best Russian, including Moscow, and international architects. “

The architectural concepts are planned to be presented to the public in the spring of 2021.

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