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Source: Government of Japan – Prime Minister

Photograph of the Prime Minister making a statement (1)

Photograph of the Prime Minister making a statement (2)

[Provisional Translation]

On October 9, 2020, the Prime Minister held a Ministerial Meeting on Typhoon No. 14* at the Prime Minister’s Office.
Following the discussion, the Prime Minister said,
“The powerful Typhoon No. 14 is forecasted to approach western Japan from today to tomorrow, and eastern Japan from tomorrow through to October 11, respectively. There is a possibility of heavy rains, strong winds and high waves. In particular, as the Typhoon is moving at a slow speed, the rain is expected to continue for a long time, possibly resulting in a high total precipitation.
To respond to various emergencies, police, firefighters, and the Japan Coast Guard are on high alert and the Self-Defense Forces are on standby for rapid deployment. Furthermore, we are already implementing necessary measures, such as early water discharges from dams.
I ask everyone, in particular the Minister of State for Disaster Management, to ensure the prompt dissemination of information that is easy to understand to all citizens, and put in place necessary measures ahead of time before disaster strikes, such as securing a sufficient number of evacuation centers, collaborating closely with local governments and relevant organizations, and giving sufficient consideration also to measures to counter the novel coronavirus.
It is also possible that the Typhoon will cause heavy rain during the night. I ask the public to pay close attention to evacuation advisories from local authorities, and be mindful of taking early actions, such as evacuating before dark.”

*Typhoon Chan-hom

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