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Source: World Meteorological Organization

This year marks the 50th anniversary of China’s Fengyun Satellite Program. Up to now, China has launched 17 Fengyun meteorological satellites in total, with 7 in orbit. The Chinese meteorological satellites Fengyun, or FY in acronym, are arranged in series. The odd number series is the polar-orbiting satellite series, and the even number series is the geostationary ones. Development and implementation of Fengyun Satellite Program is a national cause upon which pools the efforts from many institutions that undertake the production of satellite and carrier rocket, launching, telemetry & control, as well as the ground application. It is by the concerted endeavor of them that a complete meteorological satellite application system has been established. National Satellite Meteorological Center (NSMC) of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has become the operator of both polar-orbiting and geostationary meteorological satellites. Fengyun satellites are becoming ever more important in protecting life and property of people from natural disasters.


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