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In particular, due to the repair of the tracks, trams No. 10, 15, 21, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 will temporarily stop working.

Some ground transport routes will change in the capital. This is due to the holding of a football match, the repair of tracks in the north and north-west of Moscow, as well as the construction of the Big Circle Metro Line.

Because of the football match

On October 8, the routes of ground transport in the area of ​​the CSKA metro station were changed. This is due to the holding of a football match.

Bus No. 175 will run from the Sokol metro station to Sandy Square. Bus No. 818 will run on two sections: from the Dynamo metro station to the Megasport Sports Palace (to Grizodubova Street), and also from the Silikatny Zavod stop to Sandy Square.

The changes will last until the end of the match.

Due to construction work

From October 10, buses No. 2, 210, 248, 614, 631, 640, 741, 777, 930 will not serve the Skhodnya River stop on Volokolamsk highway when going to the center. The nearest stop for landing is “Skhodnensky blind alley”. The changes will continue until the completion of construction work on the Volokolamsk highway.

Also, from October 10, the repair of tram tracks will begin on Stroginskoye Highway, Aviation Street, Zoya and Alexander Kosmodemyanskikh Street. Because of this, the tram route between the Shchukinskaya, Sokol, Voikovskaya and Dmitrovskaya metro stations will change.

Trams 10, 15, 21, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 will not work. On the section from Marshal Zhukov Avenue to the Shchukinskaya metro station, tram number 28k will run. You can also use other ground transport – buses. They will follow the following routes:

– No. 010 – from Tallinskaya Street through the Strogino metro station to the Shchukinskaya metro station;

– No. 015 – from Tallinskaya street through Marshal Katukov street, further from the Shchukinskaya metro station through Akademika Kurchatov street and Volokolamskoe highway to the Sokol metro station;

– No. 023 – from Mikhalkov through Sobolevsky proezd, Zoya and Alexander Kosmodemyanskikh streets, Voikovskaya metro station, Konstantin Tsarev street and Streshnevo MCC station to Sokol metro station;

– No. 027 —– from the Voikovskaya metro station through Zoya and Alexandra Kosmodemyanskikh Street, Sobolevsky Proezd, Mikhalkovskaya, Timiryazevskaya Streets and Dmitrovsky Proezd to the Dmitrovskaya metro station;

– No. 030 – from Tallinskaya Street through the Strogino and Shchukinskaya metro stations and Akademika Kurchatov Street to the Streshnevo MCC station.

The approximate completion date is the end of November 2020.

Due to work at the Kievsky station

On the territory of the Kievsky railway station, work begins on the construction of sheds at bus and electric bus stops. Boarding for all routes departing from the platform in the middle of the square will be transferred to the station building.

From October 17, buses No. 157, 840, 474 will change their direction. They will start moving between Dorogomilovskaya Zastava Square and Kievsky railway station, then proceed in both directions along Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya street (instead of Taras Shevchenko embankment). Bus No. 205 will run to Kievsky railway station instead of Dovzhenko street. It will pass between Dorogomilovskaya Zastava Square and the Kievsky railway station in both directions through the hotel “Ukraine” and the Taras Shevchenko embankment.

Route 205k will receive a new number 91k. The route will remain the same. Express route No. 902 from the Kievsky railway station to Novo-Peredelkin will stop operating – this will reduce the intervals for other buses.

The T17 route will become the main line and will receive a new number M17. The route will remain the same, electric buses will run more often. T7 electric buses will run instead of Mosfilmovskaya Street, Lomonosovsky and Michurinsky avenues along Kosygin Street (we are talking about moving towards the Udarnik cinema). Instead of the T7 route, you can use the M17, T34 and No. 266 routes. When moving towards the Park Pobedy metro station, T7 electric buses will call in at the Kievsky railway station.

Route T34k will receive a new number 266. Between Berezhkovskaya Embankment and the Lomonosovskiy Prospekt metro station, electric buses will run in both directions through Kosygina Street and Michurinskiy Prospekt.

In addition, from October 17, stops from the Sokolniki metro station will be rescheduled when traveling to the center. For buses No. 78, 716, DP52 – 70 meters ahead, combined with the current bus stop of the same name of the T41 bus and the T14 electric bus; for the T32 bus – to Gastello Street, combined with the existing stop “1st Sokolnicheskaya Street”; the stop “1st Sokolnicheskaya Street” for the T32 bus along Gastello Street will shift 60 meters back when moving to Garazhnaya Street.

From October 17, the movement of buses in Zelenograd will also change. Buses No. 22, after the stop “17th microdistrict”, instead of making a U-turn, will go straight along the existing street (around the 17th microdistrict) to Georgievsky Prospect, then along the usual route. Bus number 32 will extend the movement from the 16th microdistrict to the 17th microdistrict. After Andreevka Street, the transport will go to Georgievsky Prospect, then along the inner circle around the 17th microdistrict to the 16th microdistrict stop.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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