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Ukraine’s current criminal pre-trial investigation and prosecution system is associated with huge volumes of paperwork, that slows down information sharing between the institutions involved in the proceedings as well as third parties. The implementation of an integrated e-Case Management System for the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), Specialised Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAPO) and investigative judges in the High Anti-Corruption Court (HACC) will contribute to enhancing pre-trial investigation performance and to increased efficiency of the processes related to anti-corruption cases under investigation.

The e-Case Management System currently being designed with assistance from international experts through another contract will include techniques to register and track all case events, enhance record-keeping, reduce delays and case backlogs and provide information to support strategic allocation of time and resources. The e-Case Management System is also expected to provide extensive functionality for automation of the pre-trial investigation workflow, for instance:

• Make communications between the detectives, prosecutors and the court in an electronic form;
• Create/register new or merge existing criminal cases;
• Assign detectives and prosecutors to criminal cases, set up investigation and prosecution groups;
• Document procedural actions, as well as create, review and approve respective procedural documents (protocols, complaints etc.);
• Upload, download and view all the annexes to the procedural documents including scan-copies, photos, audio- and video-records;
• Enter and modify / update information on the participants of the criminal cases;
• Plan execution of procedural actions and track status of their delivery, assign and track deadlines to the actions, etc.

The objective of the assignment is to provide independent quality assurance services of the process of developing the e-Case Management System so as to ensure that the project is completed on time and in accordance with the standards and minimum criteria stipulated in the agreement with the supplier.

The services to be provided include, but are not necessarily limited to, monitoring the overall implementation process, the adherence to key milestones in the implementation plan, the verification of compliance with agreed minimum standards of system performance and other stipulated requirements, and the provision of timely guidance on actions that can be taken to improve the efficiency and/or effectiveness of the implementation process.

The assignment is scheduled to take place in the period from third week of October 2019 until end of April 2020 with several on-site visits to NABU where the e-Case Management System will be hosted.

Deadline for applications: 14 October 2019, at 12:00, Danish time

Contact the Programme Officer at the contact point below to receive the Request for Proposal. Applications not using the standard form may be rejected.  Proposals received after the deadline shall be rejected.

Contact point:      
Name of Programme Officer: Torben Ulsted, Senior Programme Manager
E-mail address:
Telephone: +380 98 181 79 39

Criteria for award of Contract:
As stated in the Request for Proposal

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