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Source: Government of Ukraine

On Thursday, October 8, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal chaired the Partnership Development Forum to coordinate international technical assistance.

During the video conference, the Prime Minister discussed strategic issues with Heads of Missions in Ukraine and Heads of Cooperation.

Denys Shmyhal emphasized that the Government is switching from the concept of “donation” to “development partnership”, and this Forum marks the beginning of the joint formation of the agenda and priorities for development.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister accentuated that despite external challenges and threats, the Government continues its consistent policy of pursuing reforms aimed at restoring economic growth and bringing the country closer to the European Union.

“The Government’s priorities include fulfillment of its international obligations under the Association Agreement with the EU and the Memorandum with the IMF, as well as achievement of Sustainable Development Goals as indicators of our work. The spheres of our activity are identical to the priorities of Development Partners, in particular economic freedom, national security, rule of law, human development and effective governance,” the Head of Government said.

Among those, Denys Shmyhal voiced TOP-5 priorities that the Government intends to implement in Ukraine.

“First, it includes a public-private partnership in the field of infrastructure, in particular the concession of ports, airports, the creation of concession roads. It is time for Ukraine to create a network of concession highways, to redirect the main transit traffic load, thereby allowing us to preserve interregional and interdistrict roads,” emphasized the Prime Minister.

The second priority is the implementation of the EU Green Deal in Ukraine, in particular through relevant initiatives in the field of hydrogen energy, fair transformation of coal regions, and waste management. “Protecting the environment and creating a strategy for waste recycling and waste disposal in Ukraine is also among priorities. This is one of those reforms that will give a tremendous impetus to the protection of the environment in Ukraine,” said Denys Shmyhal.

Moreover, the Prime Minister mentioned among his own priorities the creation of a stock market to attract investment and financial resources to the country and pension reform, in particular the introduction of an accumulative system, the development of the further levels of pension provision.

“The Government has already embarked on another priority which is the creation of the National Economic Strategy until 2030. I urge our partners to join and help elaborate this document,” said the Prime Minister.

Following the Forum, the Prime Minister and the Development Partners adopted a joint statement outlining the main areas for cooperation. The parties reaffirmed the further strengthening of the partnership next year and pledged to continue the dialogue at all three levels of international technical assistance coordination.

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