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In 2019, the Evaluation Department (EVAL) under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs will commission an evaluation of the support to climate change adaptation under the Danish Development Assistance budget. The evaluation will have a focus on interventions within climate adaptation as part of the climate envelope and as mainstreamed interventions within the overall development assistance portfolio. There will be a focus on learning, building on the outcomes of interventions carried out in the period 2008 to 2012 as reported in the evaluation published in 2015, and adding results obtained in the period 2013-2018.

The evaluation will be based on a bottom-up approach with a strong focus on 4 country cases.
The following countries, which provide examples from different regions, levels of development and fragility contexts, are tentative selected (with short justification):

  • Kenya. there are extensive climate-related activities in Kenya, both in terms of adaptation and mitigation. Kenya was included in the 2015 evaluation, which provides the opportunity to reevaluate after the initiatives have gained maturity. It also provides insights into an African context.
  • Bangladesh: Bangladesh provides an Asian case with very different contextual factors and climate change impacts. It also has a sizeable bilateral climate programme.
  • Burkina Faso: Burkina Faso is ‘characterized by fragility’ in Denmark’s latest strategy (The World 2030) for development cooperation and humanitarian action. The country is subject to both political and climate-related fragility and receive significant Danish support to climate related initiatives. This could provide valuable learning on adaptation and resilience in fragile contexts.
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia is to some extent stable but have fragile tendencies or areas. It will provide insight on mainstreaming climate change across the humanitarian-development nexus.

This list includes countries supported through the Climate Envelope as well as those supported through other climate-related ODA. The particular sectors or projects to evaluate will be country specific but could include, e.g. water (Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Kenya), food security and social protection (Ethiopia), local infrastructure (Bangladesh) — see country policy papers for additional information (

It is expected that the evaluation will include 4 categories of adaptation projects:

(i) funded through the Climate Envelope (adaptation aspects of the 138 projects and programmes within the Climate Envelope 2008-2018);

(ii) other bilateral assistance; 20-25 programmes/projects with a focus on climate adaptation interventions, which are part of Danish climate-related ODA, but outside the Climate Envelope. 17 of these are on activities in Bangladesh (4), Burkina Faso (6), Ethiopia (1) and Kenya (6). In addition, the evaluation will assess the adaptation elements of the climate screenings of Danida Country Programme, carried out 2005-2008;

(iii) funded through NGOs; focus on a number of major NGOs with significant climate adaptation activities;

(iv) funded through multilateral organisations (e.g. UN, the Green Climate Fund and World Bank).

In the 4 case countries, the evaluation will explore how various climate adaptation activities within the 4 categories intervenes.

Deadline for applications: 8 July 2019, at 14:00, local time.

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