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Source: State of Tasmania Government

9 October 2020
Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

Instead of spruiking Anthony Albanese’s Budget response from a completely separate level of government, Rebecca White should finally commit to producing an alternative State Budget. This would of course be for the first time under her leadership.

Labor is all over the place – first Rebecca White suggests there are missed opportunities in infrastructure spending in the Federal Budget, despite the billions of dollars outlined, including massive new projects in Tasmania. Then she backs Albanese’s Budget response, which doesn’t include any infrastructure for Tasmania at all. Not one single cent!

For six years, Labor has failed to deliver a costed alternative Budget in Tasmania – something we did in Opposition, and even the Greens do now.

Rebecca White needs to be upfront and transparent with Tasmanians – do they have a secret plan to jack up taxes or do they want to just continue whinging and whining with no actual policies?

Will Labor produce costings for their various random thought bubbles?

Or will they continue to duck and weave on economic issues?

Both the Tasmanian and Federal Liberal Governments have costed, reliable plans for economic recovery – and we will work hard every day to implement them, whether or not Lazy Labor bother to do the work of a credible Opposition.