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Source: State of Tasmania Government

9 October 2020

Sarah Courtney, Minister for Women

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is committed to creating a more inclusive Tasmania that empowers and enables women and girls to fully participate in our economic, social, political and community life.

I’m pleased to announce the first meeting of the Tasmanian Women’s Council, since a restructure, took place today via video conference.

This morning we welcomed three brand new members to the council:
*       Ms Jill Bannon;
*       Ms Lisa Burnell; and
*       Ms Sue Daly.
The council will now comprise of eight members and an ex-officio Chair. The membership continues the statewide coverage of the Council and ensures we have the variety of skills, knowledge, business and community experiences in the group.

The key topic of discussion was the development of the Leadership and Participation for Women Action Plan 2021-2023, which will be released in January 2021, including how community and civic participation could support gender equality for women.

This refreshed Council will ensure Government continues to work on initiatives and outcomes that will increase opportunities for women’s leadership and participation in industry and civic life, it will also facilitate opportunities for women’s employment and participation in growth areas of Tasmania’s economy.

In what has been a very challenging year for the Tasmanian community, it is more important than ever that opportunities for women and girls are front and centre in our vision for a stronger, more resilient Tasmania.