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Source: Sinn Féin

7 October, 2020 – by Órfhlaith Begley

Sinn Féin MP Órfhlaith Begley has called on Brexiteers to wake up to reality following Ian Paisley MP dismissing academic research into the impact of a hard border on community relations;
The West Tyrone MP said:
“The dismissal of impartial and independent academic research has become a common thread running through Brexiteer language. 
“If it doesn’t suit their view, Brexiteers cover their eyes and ears to the reality of a hard Brexit.
“The latest example of this was when Ian Paisley dismissed a report on the impact of a hard border on community relations at a Westminster committee today by claiming it was pandering to nationalism.
“Brexit will have a disastrous economic impact for our island – it will have a detrimental impact on community relations, businesses and jobs. This is the indisputable reality supported by academics, business experts and community leaders.”There is no mandate for Brexit in Ireland – and it is long overdue that political representatives in the North from across the political spectrum started to stand up for the majority people on this island, and stop allowing themselves to be played as pawns in Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings’ Brexit game.”

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