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Source: Agenzia Fides – MIL OSI

Headline: AMERICA/MEXICO – Laws must be at the service of the dignity of every human being

Nuevo Casas Grandes – “In view of the current situation in our country, we see the serious risk that another initiative will further divide and polarize society and destroy the most important institution for Mexicans, the family”, said the Mexican Bishops, while there is an initiative in the Senate that intends to reform various provisions of the law under the pretext of promoting the right to health of Mexicans, and in particular of women, children and adolescents. The Bishops call on all Mexican citizens to ensure that these initiatives are actually aimed at the good of each person, since “we see with concern that at the basis of these initiatives, in reality, there is an attack on life, on the dignity of the person, freedom of conscience, the well-being of children and the true right to health”.

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