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Source: China State Council Information Office 2

The last ramp of the Donghu Interchange was opened to traffic on Sept. 26. According to the Luohu government, the third phase of the No. 2 line and the first phase of the No. 8 line of the Shenzhen subway are in no-load tests and will be put into operation soon.
These moves will greatly ease the traffic pressure in the neighborhoods.
The Donghu Interchange is a hub connecting Luohu with the central and eastern parts of Shenzhen.
The Danping Expressway, Buxin Road and the Aiguo Overpass are now all connected, greatly reducing travel time for residents.
The two aforementioned new subway projects are an important part of Shenzhen’s eastward strategy, and they will become major arteries connecting Liantang and Yantian in the east of Shenzhen.
Once they are open, the east flank of the city will be more closely connected with the central part of the city, promoting coordinated development of different parts of the city.
The third phase of the No. 2 subway line is 3.9 kilometers long and starts from Xinxiu Station in the west and ends at Liantang Station in the east.
The first phase of the No. 8 subway line goes from Liantang Station to Yantianlu Station and connects with the third phase of the No. 2 subway line.
The two new subway lines string many picturesque landscapes in Shenzhen and feature views of mountains and the sea. The architectural design of each new subway station is unique with great originality.

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