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Source: US Amalgamated Transit Union


A convoy of local city bus drivers, driving their own vehicles, drove across the Grand Valley on Sunday, October 4th to bring attention to their mission which is better pandemic precautions, period. The Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1776, President, Judi Derusha says, “If our demands are not met, they are willing to go on strike.”

The transit union wants the $5.4 million in Covid-19 relief GVT received to go towards better pay and better protective barriers against the Coronavirus, and assault instead of plastic shower liners. “We are ATU 1776, and that’s significant because we think it’s time for a revolution,” said Derusha.

This transit union president isn’t just fighting for driver’s rights. She’s fighting for seniors, the underemployed, and those with disabilities dependent on the essential city bus to take care of their essential needs. Derusha says, “Our passengers are vulnerable. Most of them are in high risk categories.”

The fight for better precautions continues today, and one of those fights is for better air filtration than open windows. Derusha says, “We’re at constant risk of being contaminated.” The transit union 1776 wants UV air filtration that fries Covid-19 and other viruses with radiation especially, in the close quarters within the city bus all day, everyday, but they’re demands have been met with silence.

Judi says, “We just keep plugging away. Keep getting in their face.”