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Source: US Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service

The temporary closure of hotels and restaurants in response to COVID-19 lowered domestic demand for high-end meats and slashed prices for meat products such as suckling piglets, Iberico products, highvalued beef cuts, and chicken. In 2020, the availability of domestic meat supplies and lower tourism will likely lower Spain´s overall imports of meat. This year, Spanish exports of pork and live cattle may be the driver to alleviate the loss in sales to the hospitality sector. During the first five months of 2020, the volume of Spanish pork exports grew by 11 percent fueled by record-level exports to China. In addition, the recent outbreak of African Swine Fever in Germany may further expand Spanish pork exports to Asian markets. Spanish exports of live cattle for slaughter grew 52 percent mainly to other EU countries and the Middle East. Meanwhile, Spanish chicken meat exports decreased 20 percent.