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Source: Australia – Northern Territory Government

From November 2020, the Northern Territory (NT) driver licence, evidence of age card and all other occupational authority ID cards issued by the Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) will change.

All new and replacement cards will have a refreshed design and added security features.

The new-look cards will be sent by post directly to your nominated postal address from a secure location. You can use your receipt as your authority to drive for up to 28 days while you wait for your new card to arrive.

These changes are to help protect Territorians from identity crime.

Cards that will change are:

  • Driver licence
  • Evidence of age card
  • Alcohol Ignition Lock (AIL) driver licence
  • Occupational authority ID cards:
    • CPV ID card
    • DriveSafe ID card
    • Oversize load escort ID card
    • Oversize load pilot ID card
    • Work Zone Traffic Management ID card
    • CPV inspector ID card (NTG employees only)
    • Transport inspector ID card (NTG employees only).

For occupational identity cards, you should contact the relevant division to discuss the changes.

What the new cards look like

The new design aligns with international standards to make it more recognisable.

Driver licence

Current driver licence card New driver licence card
(as at November 2020)

Current front design

New front design

Current back design

New back design

Features/changes on the driver licence include:

  • card colour
  • new security features
  • pictograms alongside each licence class to provide visual identification of the types of vehicles that may be driven with the class of licence held (aligns with international design)
  • when used overseas, the inclusion of the Australian and NT flag provides greater recognition that the licence has been issued by a jurisdiction within Australia.

Evidence of age

Current evidence of age card New evidence of age card
(as at November 2020)

Current front design

New front design

Current back design

New back design

Feature/changes on the evidence of age card include:

  • card colour
  • new security features
  • large font for month and year of birth on reverse side – this will aid in the identification of a person’s age.

What you need to do

You don’t need to replace your current driver licence, evidence of age card or occupational authority ID card. It will remain valid up to its expiry date.

When you apply for a new or replacement card, your new card will be posted to you. You will not have to pay for postage.

The cards are delivered through Australia Post. You should allow for the standard mail delivery time in your area to receive your new card.

If you don’t receive your card after 28 days, contact MVR.

Check your details

It is your responsibility to make sure your contact details with the MVR are current.

Check the accuracy of your postal address details printed on your receipt, this is where your card will be sent. You must also check the information shown on your card when it arrives.

If there is an error with your personal information, you must notify MVR.

If you have moved or changed your address, you must let MVR know within 14 days.

Read more about how to change your contact details.

More information for NT drivers

You can still drive a vehicle while you wait for your new or replacement licence.

When your application is processed, you will get a receipt. This is valid for 28 days from the date of issue and may be used as evidence of your authority to drive.

Until you receive your driver licence, you must carry the receipt at all times when driving.

This includes learner and provisional drivers.

If you are currently interstate

If you are temporarily interstate, you can request your NT licence to be posted to an interstate address.

If you no longer live in the NT, you will need to transfer your NT licence to your new location.

If you are a CPV driver

For renewals, you will be given a paper receipt. The receipt will show your occupational authority to drive a class of commercial passenger vehicle (CPV). The receipt is valid for 28 days from date of issue.

Until you receive your new CPV ID, you can continue to display your expiring CPV ID card. When driving, you must also carry your receipt at all times as proof of your current authority to drive a CPV.

You must wait until you receive your CPV ID card before you can operate the CPV if you:

  • are a new applicant
  • are adding a new CPV category to your CPV ID
  • have lost your ID.

If you need photo ID urgently

If you need photo ID for purposes other than driving, you might be able to use other legal documents.

To find out what other forms of photo ID will be accepted, contact the business or organisation requesting the ID.

For example:


For information on NT driver licences, call 1300 654 628 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm), email or visit an MVR office.

For information on CPV ID cards, call the Commercial Passenger Vehicle office on 08 8924 7580 or email