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Source: Hong Kong Information Services

The Civil Service Bureau today said that issuing advance copies of circulars to the staff sides of the central consultative councils was in accordance and in line with the established procedure.

In its response to media enquiries, the bureau stated that it reported to the Legislative Council Panel on Public Service on July 10 the progress of the study on introducing an oath-taking requirement for civil servants and put forward a proposal on the directions for implementation.

Late last month, it met with the staff side representatives of four civil service central consultative councils and four major service-wide staff unions to listen to their views on the proposals.

At the meetings, the Secretary for the Civil Service gave the staff side representatives a clear explanation about various recommendations, including that the bureau would issue a circular concerning the signing of a declaration by civil service new recruits as soon as possible and the content of the circular.

The bureau also refuted reports which quoted a union representative’s claim that the secretary had personally promised in the meeting that an advance copy of the relevant bureau circular would be given to the four major service-wide staff unions, saying the claim was unfounded.

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