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Dear Mr President! Dear colleagues! Dear Minister, A budget debate is always a good time to assess the situation. Shortly before the beginning of the last year of this legislative period, I think it is good that we are focusing again: What else do we want to tackle?

Above all, I would like to use my speaking time on a topic that, I believe, upset all of us emotionally in the summer. These were the cases of abuse in Münster and Bergisch-Gladbach. What I still do not let go of is a sentence that crossed the country back then. It was said by the Chief Public Prosecutor in Münster, Martin Botzenhardt. He said – Mr President, I quote -:

Even the most experienced detectives have reached the limits of what is humanly tolerable and far beyond them.

This is what he said about the images and events that were brought to light there. I think this is a good time to say thank you to the police officers who work in this area and who deal with events and images every day that they may not let go of for a lifetime. For that, a heartfelt thank you God!

(Applause from the CDU / CSU and the FDP as well as from members of the SPD, the LEFT and the BÜNDNISSES 90 / DIE GRÜNEN and the deputy Dr. Roland Hartwig [AfD])

What we have to determine when looking at the events in Münster analytically is that it is a prime example of the challenge we are facing today in the fight against child pornography and child abuse. Professional IT equipment was found, with a storage volume of up to 500 terabytes. For information only: You can save between 250 and 2 million images on 1 terabyte. Experts say that it would take 30 years for a single officer, depending on the device, to sift through all of the material found there. It was about a hundredfold abuse, meticulously agreed and planned, which was posted millions of times in a matter of seconds and thus went around the world.

We are noticing that the digital world enables a whole new dimension of sexual offenses and a whole new dimension of injustice. If you remember the 80s and 90s, you will find that child pornography came in the form of booklets with 10 to 20 pictures and everything took place in the analog world: making contact in the analog world, meeting others in the analog world, transfer of data carriers in the analog world – everything always involves the risk of discovery. Today the perpetrators are already using anonymity on the Internet to contact the victim. You can meet up under the protection of the net and distribute the material millions of times on the net, never to be retrieved; I’ll come back to that later.

We notice, Minister: The rule of law must move with the times. We have criminal offenses, especially in the area of ​​sexual violence against children, which actually depict injustice, especially in the analog world. That is why we need – and we agree on this – tightening measures that can also reflect the potential for injustice that we are actually experiencing today, as in the case of Münster. Please allow me to point out that we in the Union – including us in the CSU – find your draft bill to be too timid. Last week there was a departmental vote with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, and I am very grateful to Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer that various proposals for tightening were made – that was a mixed bag – and almost all of them were rejected by your house or by you .

We have now established – a conversation took place the day before yesterday – that there is movement. I want to single out several topics. One is the area of ​​”Child Experts in Germany”. Fortunately, Minister, you announced yesterday that you could imagine a movement there.

(Call from Federal Minister Christine Lambrecht)

– No, it just isn’t. That is exactly your home’s reaction. – Ladies, gentlemen, at the moment you can legally order and own children’s dolls in Germany

(Mechthild Rawert [SPD]: That’s not true at all! – Countercall from Deputy Sebastian Steineke [CDU / CSU]: Yes!)

without this being linked to a criminal sanction.

(Sebastian Steineke [CDU / CSU]: That’s how it is!)

Your company’s claim that something like this would fall under Section 184b of the Criminal Code is ultimately incorrect; because when the doll is dressed, you will not see any child pornographic components.

(Sebastian Steineke [CDU / CSU]: That’s how it is!)

That is the big problem, and we would like you to be more open-minded. I believe that this House must also send the sociopolitical signal that we do not want something like this in our country. It is not for nothing that there is a corresponding ban in Denmark and Australia as well as a Federal Council initiative by North Rhine-Westphalia.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU)

Ladies, gentlemen, two more topics. I do believe that lifelong storage in the federal central register is correct. If one deals with the phenomenon, then one knows that pedophilia carries the risk of recurrence because it is due to a genetic defect of the perpetrator.

(Mechthild Rawert [SPD]: Not only!)

Because that is so, Minister, there is a lot to suggest that such perpetrators should never have anything to do with children again in their entire lives – as carers, as trainers and the like. This is not a stigma, just a precaution.

Minister, the Ministry of the Interior has also brought up the subject of “Life imprisonment for particularly serious cases of sexual abuse”. If we look at the case in Münster, we see that there is not just content of injustice on one level, namely in the analogue world, with the sexual assault itself, but there is also a whole new dimension of injustice at the moment, where such pictures and films are taken, where they go around the world millions of times. The victim suffers from these images and impressions all his life. There will be victims who may wish they would rather be dead than continue such a life.

In view of this injustice, I believe that the rule of law must find an answer. Therefore I ask you: please allow the discussion about life imprisonment in particularly serious cases, as it was initiated by the Ministry of the Interior.

Thank you for your attention.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU – Mechthild Rawert [SPD]: If he allows us to expand prevention offers!)


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