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Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Vasilyev, Mr Melikov, good afternoon.
Mr Vasilyev, how many years have you been working in Daghestan?
Vladimir Vasilyev: It has been three years recently.
Vladimir Putin: These years probably just flew by, haven’t they?
Vladimir Vasilyev: Exactly, Mr President. It is an interesting job. It is dynamic.
Vladimir Putin: This is an interesting job, the people are interesting, as well as the republic.
Vladimir Vasilyev: The people are wonderful.
Vladimir Putin: Everything is unique there.
You have done much for the republic’s development, especially in these difficult times. You were not afraid to assume responsibility for many things, and you have fulfilled your duty very well.

What do you think about the situation in the republic, Mr Vasilyev?
Vladimir Vasilyev: Mr President, first of all, thank you for appreciating my work. I believe the situation in the republic is stable, with a trend towards improving.
When you gave me instructions, you visited Dagestan and talked to veterans in 2017, after my appointment, for which I am grateful. You will remember they told you that Daghestan was a donor region in the Soviet Union. At that point, you gave me the task of removing the layer of bribe takers between the budget and the people. I even remember your gesture. This is where we started our work.
I owe many thanks to the law-enforcement bodies. At that time, we became national champions in the number of officials brought to justice. This was helpful. Of course, it was difficult work for law enforcement, for those who had to deal with this, but it was necessary.
This work immediately produced an effect. First, overt stealing and overstated production figures went down, and the quality of performance improved. Federal structures began to trust us. Many thanks to you for your instructions. Representatives from practically all ministries and agencies visited us and helped us to arrange consistent work.
Mr President, as a result, the budget, which until recently stood at 100 billion, is now in excess of 170 billion. This is our joint effort, and the money comes mostly from our Federation. The people understand this clearly. Most importantly, we have also learned how to make money. Not just to save, but to make it as well.
This is happening in a number of areas. For example, oil transshipment and the oil market in general are going through a rough patch. Our port quadrupled oil transshipments and tripled transshipments of general cargo over these years. Thank you very much for that, you have always helped us and been there for us whenever we faced difficulties. You provided a clear opportunity to take a step towards resolving problems in the interest of the republic and the country. Many thanks for this, without this it would be simply impossible.
We have seen significant change in a number of other areas. We have improved the production of agricultural output. In 2019, we allocated, for the first time, 2 billion from our budget, and we began to spend taxes primarily on essentials. We spent 2 billion on household water distribution and 500 million on land reclamation. I do not want to get ahead of myself, but we can already see that there will be growth at the end of this year despite the COVID-related difficulties, including in agriculture with the lack of migrant workers, especially in seasonal jobs.
I would also like to say – you started with this – that our people are just wonderful. The goal at hand would not have been achieved without popular support. People are tired, and fighting corruption and restoring order were among the important issues that were addressed from day one.
We started doing this, including with taxes, focusing on those who illegally obtained disability status or stole electricity. We began to identify violations by the thousands.
To be continued.


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