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Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends, good afternoon.
I welcome you all and I am happy to see you. Of course, today, on October 5 – Teacher’s Day – first of all I would like to congratulate the teachers and students at pedagogical universities and everyone who chose the noble and responsible goal to be a mentor, to channel your knowledge and experience, to help discover and not lose the talent that can be found in almost every child, to serve as an example and show the endless world with its complex questions and teach respect for our ancestors’ memory and a love of Russia in the growing generation.
Teachers have always been treated with special respect in Russia. All of us have fully realised how great and important the work of teachers is, along with medical workers and other people whose jobs are essential for society during the difficult times of the pandemic, especially during the months of mandatory restrictions. I understand they have been difficult for everyone: school students, parents and teachers. But you passed this with flying colours, as a team. In a short period of time, teachers established academic activities and taught remotely using advanced technologies and approaches.
I would also like to say another thing. The problems of education and of maintaining the level of education remain quite acute all over the world, especially during the pandemic. The Secretary-General of the United Nations noted this and spoke with concern about the decreasing level of education in many countries due to the pandemic and restrictions. This has not happened in Russia.
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