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From 3 to 10 October, VDNKh’s page on the Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte social networks will host free thematic lectures about space exploration and a new excursion.

For the third time, VDNKh will join World Space Week, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite. So, from October 3 to October 10, citizens will receive free thematic lectures about the conquest of space, and a new tour of the exposition of the Center “Cosmonautics and Aviation”. Everyone will be able to take part in World Space Week at VDNKh without leaving their homes: festive events will be broadcasted live on the exhibition pages in social networks “Classmates” and “In contact with”.

You can see the full program on the website center.

The holiday will begin on October 3 at 18:00 from lectures Denis Prudnik, chairman of the youth council of the Russian Space Society, popularizer of cosmonautics. He will tell you about the main achievements of mankind in space exploration. The broadcast will take place on the VDNKh page in the Vkontakte social network.

The next day, October 4, on the exhibition page in the social network “Odnoklassniki” will host a lecture entitled “Cosmic radiation: myths and reality”… It will be read by Vitaly Egorov, creator of the Open Space community. Viewers will learn how dangerous cosmic radiation is and how to protect themselves from it. The broadcast starts at 18:00.

In addition, on the day of the anniversary of the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, October 4, at 12:00 in the blog #SpaceFromHome on the site of the center “Cosmonautics and Aviation” will publish a special material of the guides. It will present interesting details of this legendary event, it will tell what difficulties scientists faced when launching the first Earth satellite 63 years ago, in 1957.

Another informative lecture called “Battle of two titans. The history of space exploration by the USSR and the USA “ will be shown on October 8 at 19:00. The broadcast will take place on the VDNKh page in Odnoklassniki. Viewers will learn about the first steps in world cosmonautics and the heroic deeds of Soviet cosmonauts and American astronauts. And on October 10 at 17:00 a lecture by the guide of the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center Alexander Yarovitchuk will take place there. It will discuss possible ways of communicating with extraterrestrial civilizations.

On October 9, you will be able to walk through the halls of the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center without leaving your home and view the most interesting exhibits in the company of your guide. A new thematic excursion entitled “From start to landing” will take place at 13:00 on the VDNKh page in Odnoklassniki. Viewers will get acquainted with the complex and interesting process of preparing for the launch of spaceships, learn how cosmonauts spend their time at the station before returning to Earth and how they meet the crew on their home planet.

For young users of the social network “Instagram” there will be a creative competition called “My first companion”. It will be possible to join him during the whole holiday week, from October 3 to October 10. Participants will need to draw an artificial Earth satellite or make a model of it from scrap materials. Then take a photo of your work, post a photo on your Instagram page, write a short post about the purpose of the created satellite, as well as mark the accounts of VDNKh, the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center and add the hashtag #Mypervyisputnik. Three contestants will become winners. The first finalist will be determined by a jury consisting of honored workers of culture and art. The second will be chosen by the pilot-cosmonaut Hero of Russia Fyodor Yurchikhin. And the third finalist will be the author of the work that gets the most likes on social networks. Three winners will receive tickets to the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center and a free tour of its exposition. The results of the competition will be published on October 11 at 17:00 on the pages of VDNKh and the center “Cosmonautics and Aviation” on Instagram.

In addition, an audio guide is available on the VDNKh page in Odnoklassniki “Legends of Space”… These are small stories about space achievements, which were voiced by film and television stars, as well as famous astronauts. For example, TV presenter Ekaterina Strizhenova talks about the launch of the first natural satellite of the Earth.

World Space Week is an annual celebration celebrating the contribution of space science and technology to improving human well-being. From 4 to 10 October, educational and educational events are held in different countries of the world – lectures, conferences, thematic exhibitions. People become more familiar with the world of astronomy and the history of the development of the space industry.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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