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Source: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

01.10.2020Press release: 142/2020

Nationwide specialist conference aims to make research results on sexual violence more useful for prevention work in schools

The two-day digital conference “Sexual violence and school: Current research results for school practice” starts today, Thursday. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has been supporting research projects that investigate sexual violence in schools and other educational contexts and develop prevention concepts for almost ten years. Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek now wants to expand this funding in the framework program Empirical Educational Research. The additional funding for transfer projects published yesterday is intended to further develop research results so that they can be better applied in practice. With their joint initiative “Schools Against Sexual Violence”, the Independent Commissioner for Issues of Child Sexual Abuse (UBSKM) and the education authorities of the federal states are also pursuing the goal of expanding knowledge about sexual violence against children and young people and supporting schools in developing concepts for protection and to develop help with sexual violence and to use it in everyday school life. State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Christian Luft: “Sexual violence against children and adolescents must not be tolerated. It is the joint task of the federal and state governments to do everything possible to protect children and young people, who are among the weakest in our society, from violence of any kind. This applies in particular to educational institutions in which boys and girls are prepared for life. They have to be a special shelter because there they are no longer under the direct protection of their parents. It is about abuse relevant to criminal law and increasingly about border violations such as bullying or the unauthorized publication of personal photos. More and more of these incidents are being committed with the help of digital media. Teachers and other educational professionals need support here. You need in-depth knowledge and recommendations for action so that you can prevent attacks and intervene quickly. Educational research provides answers here. We now want to ensure that the knowledge available is used. We will therefore expand our research in this area and further develop research results in the direction of application. We have already invested 24 million euros and are now taking another 6 million euros in hand. “The 1st Vice President of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Minister for Education, Youth and Sport of the State of Brandenburg, Britta Ernst:” We are currently experiencing the Corona epidemic other topics pushed aside. But there are areas in our social coexistence that must be further considered because people are affected in their existence and personal development. This certainly includes sexual violence against children and young people. The Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs has dealt with this topic intensively for many years. We are firmly convinced that it is one of the principles of all human interaction and civil society that children and young people must feel safe from sexual violence at all times. With our recommendations for action, we advocate unreserved education and well-founded prevention. All countries have taken and implemented measures to protect students from sexual assault, sexual abuse and the use of violence. But we must not let up in our efforts to further sensitize the public to the topic of sexual violence and to sharpen attitudes against it. The close cooperation between science and practice is therefore another important step to better protect children and young people from sexual violence. I therefore hope from this conference that common perspectives and practical suggestions will be developed. ”The independent commissioner for questions of child sexual abuse, Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig:“ As the federal government’s commissioner for abuse, I see schools in the fight against sexual violence against children and young people primarily as central sanctuaries. Teachers must therefore be trained in prevention and intervention options in the event of sexual violence, and concepts for protection and assistance must be developed and implemented in the more than 30,000 schools. Unfortunately, we have not yet achieved these two goals in any federal state. After many years in office, I am now firmly convinced that voluntariness alone does not lead to comprehensive protection against sexual violence. I therefore call on all 16 federal states to regulate the binding introduction and application of school protection concepts in their school laws. And I call on the federal states to provide their schools with the necessary personal and financial support in a binding manner. ”Background: Sexualized violence against children and young people is a serious social problem that is becoming known in Germany in ever new dimensions. It is part of the basic risk of childhood in Germany. Current studies indicate that on average there are one or two girls and boys in every school class who have been exposed to or are currently exposed to sexual violence. As a central learning and meeting place for children and adolescents, schools provide those affected with crucial access to help Offer. At the same time, through prevention work, it can help prevent such acts of violence – also between young people – from occurring in the first place. In order to effectively fulfill their protective mandate, to be able to provide information and not to continue to become crime scenes of sexualized violence themselves, schools depend on suitable concepts, well-trained staff and tailor-made materials for educational work – in cooperation with the BMBF, KMK and the Independent Issues related to child sexual abuse should now be specifically promoted for evidence-based development of school prevention work in the fight against sexual violence. To this end, a nationwide specialist conference will take place on October 1 and 2, at which the central research results will be presented and made available to specialists from the educational administrations, state institutes for teacher training and school practice.


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