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October 1, 2020

In September 2020, the government council approved the continuation of two important cantonal health promotion programs. These are the two action programs “Diet and Exercise” and “Mental Health”. Both programs are implemented by the Uri Health Promotion Unit on behalf of the Health, Social and Environmental Directorate and with the support of the Swiss Health Promotion Foundation.


The challenges of staying healthy in our society today and feeling good in a family, school or professional environment are no less. Keywords such as lack of exercise, increased media consumption, high pressure to perform, stressful work environment or high sugar content in food show that the topic is still important. It is still very important to the Uri government council to promote the health of the Uri population and to create a living environment that allows a healthy lifestyle.


Action program “Diet and exercise”

The number of overweight people in Switzerland continues to increase overall. Chronic diseases that occur more frequently due to obesity are particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and various types of cancer. This prompted the “Swiss Health Promotion Foundation” to launch a long-term national campaign in 2007 on the subject of “Healthy body weight”. The cantonal action programs, which are now being implemented by 24 cantons, form an important part of this campaign.


The canton of Uri is also taking part in ongoing efforts throughout Switzerland to promote a balanced diet and varied exercise and launched the action program back in 2008. Since then, three four-year program phases have been carried out. The government council has now decided to continue the existing projects and measures for a further four years (2021 to 2024). It is important to continue what has been tried and tested and to consolidate it sustainably.


The action program mainly includes projects in the field of nutrition and exercise for children and young people. Children between the ages of 0 and 6 and their caregivers are addressed in particular. The program starts with the children because eating and exercise habits are learned from an early age and can best be positively influenced there.

Action program “Mental health”

“Mental disorders are now among the most common diseases.” explains Health Director Christian Arnold. “In addition, there is still little talk in Uri about mental health and mental illness. Many people in Uri with mental illnesses only seek professional help at a late stage. The canton has therefore commissioned the Uri Health Promotion Unit to continue the mental health action program ».


The cantonal “Mental Health” action program has been implemented since 2012 by the Uri Health Promotion Unit. Since then, two four-year program phases have been carried out. The government council has approved an extension of the program for the years 2021 to 2024. The program includes the following objectives:


The mental health of the Uri population, especially in early childhood and among vulnerable groups, is specifically promoted through interventions and measures. Here, too, the program starts with children and their caregivers as well as with the advice and support offers.
The Uri population should continue to be sensitized. She receives information and impulses on how mental health can be maintained and improved.
Since addictions are by definition also part of the mental illness, targeted addiction preventive interventions are embedded in this program.
Health promotion is to be strengthened among all central actors.
Mental health and mental illness are more openly discussed among the general public. The available offers of help for psychological difficulties are known.
Self-help is encouraged.


Health Director Christian Arnold emphasizes: “In Uri, only tried and tested projects that are also used in other cantons are implemented. This means that the maximum can be achieved with the available resources. The program also ties in with what has been tried and tested to date. Like, for example, the “10 steps to mental health” that many people from Uri are already familiar with. In terms of costs, both programs remain the same as before. On the basis of the two contracts, Health Promotion Switzerland will support the two programs with 70,000 francs per year. The canton’s share for the two action programs is around CHF 240,000 per year. The costs of the “Mental Health” action program also include the expenses for cantonal measures in the field of addiction prevention. The action programs are implemented by the “Uri Health Promotion” department headed by Markus Fehlmann.


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Simone Abegg, Head of the Action Program “Diet and Exercise”

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Bruno Scheiber, Program Manager, Action Program «Mental Health»

Health Promotion Unit Uri

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