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October 1, 2020

In addition to the continuing decline in income from the national financial equalization scheme, Corona is burdening the budget with reduced tax income and various additional expenses on various accounts. However, since the SNB’s full reserves mean that the same distribution as in 2020 can be expected in 2021 and the budget was generally very restrictive, a slightly lower negative overall result of CHF 7.9 million is expected (2020 budget: -9.2 million). Francs).

At CHF 68.9 million, net investments are well above the net expenditures of recent years, in particular due to the major new hospital building projects and the planned start of the east-west connection. A net debt of CHF 38 million is expected by the end of 2021 (2020 budget: net assets of CHF 30 million).

Income statement

The expenditure in the 2021 budget is CHF 439.5 million. That is CHF 10.2 million or 2.4 percent more than in the 2020 budget. The main deviations are:

Global balance adjustment to municipalities (plus 4.7 million)
Offsetting for Fund premium reduction, cantonal contribution (plus 4.5 million) 1
Structural maintenance of the Uri Cantonal Hospital (plus 1.4 million)
Energy Uri funding program, contribution (plus 1.3 million)
Offsetting for Fund support programs Energie Uri (plus 1.3 million) 1
Offsetting for Economic development fund (plus 0.7 million) 1
Scheduled depreciation (plus 0.6 million)
Combating communicable diseases (up 0.6 million)
Economic development, deposit (plus 0.6 million)
Community projects (plus 0.5 million)
Contribution to COVID-19 costs, Uri Cantonal Hospital (plus 0.4 million)
Water maintenance (plus 0.4 million)
Contribution to municipalities for care financing (minus 2.6 million)
Contributions to municipalities (lump sums) (minus 2.2 million)
Hospital treatment outside the canton (minus 1.2 million)
Hospital treatments within the canton (minus 0.7 million)
Maintenance work on Seelisbergerstrasse (minus 0.7 million)
Scheduled depreciation investment contributions (minus 0.7 million)
Additional expenses of 1.3 million Swiss francs result on numerous other items.

1 For these additional expenses there are income items in the same amount.

The income in the 2021 budget is CHF 431.6 million. This is CHF 11.5 million or 2.7 percent more than in the 2020 budget. The main deviations are:

Share of income from the National Bank (plus 5.7 million)
Offsetting z.L. Fund premium reduction, cantonal contribution (plus 4.5 million) 2
Water interest and compensation (plus 1.5 million)
Offsetting z.L. Fund support programs Energie Uri (plus 1.3 million) 2
Offsetting z.L. Economic development fund (plus 0.7 million) 2
Share of HVF main roads (plus 0.7 million)
Share of mineral oil tax income and road traffic charges (plus 0.4 million)
Federal government resource equalization (minus 3.1 million)
Cantonal taxes (minus 1.1 million)
Income from direct federal tax (minus 0.5 million)
Additional income of 1.4 million francs resulted in numerous other positions.

2 There are expense items in the same amount for this additional income.

Investment calculation

The investment budget for 2021 anticipates spending of CHF 99.1 million gross or CHF 68.9 million net. That is a net CHF 5.2 million more than in the 2020 investment budget. The main areas of expenditure are:

Cantonal Hospital Uri (net 32.0 million)
Road construction (net 19.5 million)
Depot rooms of the State Archives / Cantonal Library (net 3.2 million)
Flood protection (net 2.6 million)
Renewal of company buildings in cantonal roads (2.0 million net)
Public transport (net 2.0 million)
Forest (1.4 million net)
Agriculture (net 1.3 million)

The government council rates the overall result in the 2021 budget as good, given the corona-related burdens and the continued sharp decline in resource compensation income. It was only thanks to intensive austerity efforts that it was possible to prevent an even greater minus and clearly comply with the deficit limitation requirements. There is therefore no need for a package of savings and measures for the time being.

Any long-term effects caused by the corona pandemic and the progressive lower yields in the national financial equalization will be a major challenge in the coming years. It is important to exploit further savings and income opportunities.

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