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Source: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – Report:

President Ashraf Ghani presided over the introductory meeting of Economic Policy Advisory Board this evening at the Presidential Palace, where experts from Harvard Center for International Development were connected via video conference. 

Ajmal Ahmady, acting governor of Da Afghanistan Bank delivered the opening remarks and introduced members of the advisory board. 

Mr. Ajmal Ahmady added that Economic Policy Advisory Board is the initiation of the Afghan government, created in 2020 with members from prestigious international institutions, including Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, Center for International Development, Central for Public Impact as well as Mr. Fedrico Sturzenegger, an international consultant and expert.

The experts spoke on behalf of their institutions and shared their experiences and ideas with the Afghan delegation to help in better management of corona and its effects. 

President Ashraf Ghani extended gratitude to the experts and articulated the government of Afghanistan’s measures and policy adopted to deal with the corona spread and its effects as well as its health service delivery approaches.

President Ghani said public perceptions guided the government to better cope with the coronavirus, adding that the networks created between government, private sector and people contributed to dealing with economic effects of the pandemic.

Talking over the Sehatmandi and Citizens’ Charter programs, the president said implementation of these programs will enable the government to address the needs of different classes of society and ensure economic growth. 

President Ghani attached great importance to Afghanistan’s location and opportunities for regional connectivity and said Afghanistan is drawing on international experiences inimplementation of large economic programs.

“Afghanistan’s location has turned Afghanistan into a regional economic roundabout and crucial point of connection between Central Asia and South Asia,” added the president.

The president talked over investment in higher education sector, particularly distanced education and underscored that Afghanistan’s universities and higher education institutions need to present cadres to the society that can meet the requirements of the market.

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