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Source: United States House of Representatives – Representative Rodney Davis (R-3)

Today, Vistra announced the planned retirement of four power plants in Illinois, including the Kincaid Power Plant, which employs approximately 115 union workers. U.S. Representative Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) issued the following statement in response to Vistra’s retirement announcement:


“I’m deeply disappointed in Vistra’s plan to retire their Kincaid plant, which employs 115 of our friends and neighbors. The Kincaid plant has created good-paying union jobs and reliable, baseload power for households and manufacturers in Illinois and states in the Mid-Atlantic region for decades. Because the plant is a significant employer and generator of local tax revenue in Christian County, our hometowns, schools, and other public bodies will be negatively affected by this closure. Our Congressional office stands ready to support the workers and communities impacted.


“I have always been an advocate for an all-of-the-above energy portfolio, but I am becoming increasingly concerned about the planned nuclear, coal, and gas plant closures across Illinois in the coming years. Our state cannot continue to be a leading net electricity exporter if this trend continues. Additional plant closures will put thousands of good-paying union jobs and reliable, affordable power at risk. I’m committed to making sure American energy policy supports a diverse, reliable, and affordable array of baseload energy sources. American families need certainty that when they flip a switch, they will have access to low-cost, reliable electricity. We can’t let America’s energy future look like California brownouts and blackouts, but the Green New Deal and other far-fetched, left-wing environmental proposals are moving us closer to that sad reality.”


By year-end 2025 or sooner, Vistra plans to retire the:

  • Joppa Power Plant, Joppa, IL (MISO) – 1,002 MW (coal); 239 MW (gas); approx. 115 employees; operational since 1953
  • Baldwin Power Plant, Baldwin, IL (MISO) – 1,185 MW (coal); approx. 130 employees; operational since 1970

And by year-end 2027 or sooner, Vistra plans to retire the:

  • Kincaid Power Plant, Kincaid, IL (PJM) – 1,108 MW (coal); approx., 115 employees; operational since 1967
  • Newton Power Plant, Newton, IL (MISO) – 615 MW (coal); approx., 80 employees; operation since 1977

According to Vistra, the following regulatory factors are contributing to the announced retirement schedule:

  • U.S. EPA’s Revised Coal Combustion Residual Rule
  • U.S. EPA’s Revised Effluent Limitation Guidelines
  • U.S. EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy Rule (greenhouse gas rule)

Vistra also cites the following economic factors affecting Vistra’s fleet of power plants:

  • Systemic failure of MISO capacity market to provide Illinois-based power plants with adequate revenue;
  • Declining natural gas prices, which generally set the price of electricity;
  • Subsidies for specific fuel types (nuclear and renewable) make coal generation less competitive;
  • Overbuilding of new assets in PJM and MISO continues to put downward pressure on prices; and
  • Uncertainties regarding FERC action related to the PJM Capacity Market.

Vistra’s latest retirement announcement follows their 2019 announcement to retire four power plants in Coffeen, Canton (Duck Creek), Havana, and Hennepin, Illinois.