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Source: CDU CSU

Mister President! Dear Colleagues! This transport budget is an investment budget and thus an economic stimulus program in itself. That is exactly what our country needs now: modernization of roads, railways, waterways, broadband, mobile communications and a whole lot of climate protection.

Dear Colleague Kindler, if you can’t think of anything else as “hypocritical” and this word is the main word in your speech, then you really don’t have much to criticize and nothing to complain about in terms of content.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU – Sven-Christian Kindler [BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN]: I would see it differently! – Katharina Dröge [BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN]: Well! Whether this standard is so positive!)

To colleague Luksic. We’ll see each other longer on Thursday in the committee of inquiry, very long.

(Oliver Luksic [FDP]: Always a pleasure!)

It will be my pleasure. I hope you are better prepared than last time, when you only quoted from the “Handelsblatt”. Those who have no other source than the “Handelsblatt” are in a pretty poor position.

(Objection to the FDP)

Because you can’t be more superficially informed than if you just read the “Handelsblatt”.

(Katharina Dröge [BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN]: Do you want to abuse the “Handelsblatt”?)

Dear colleague Luksic and colleagues of the FDP, I warn you against hubris on Thursday. Your key witness gives a protocol dated September 19, 2020. That’s a really exciting question that we can discuss on Thursday, and then we’ll see who laughs at the end.

(Applause from members of the CDU / CSU – shouts from the FDP and the BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN)

Now to the transport budget. We are strengthening the railways through equity increases, through attractive train stations, through the modernization of signaling technology, through electrification and new interlockings, through repairs at the stations. 120 million euros extra for small train stations, for smaller measures, digital interlockings, 125 million euros extra for mobile phone reception, lowering the train path prices. It couldn’t be more climate-friendly, dear colleagues!

(Applause from the CDU / CSU – Stephan Kühn [Dresden] [BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN]: Yes! Yes!)

And then we are giving additional funds for regionalization, for local rail passenger transport: in the public transport package, 2.5 billion euros. Anyone who then says that public transport is not being strengthened cannot read households. That is also part of the truth.

(Applause from MPs of the CDU / CSU and MP Thomas Jurk [SPD] – Oliver Krischer [ALLIANCE 90 / THE GREENS]: Hardly anyone claps!)

Dear colleagues, we will continue to need road construction: rehabilitation of the roads, rehabilitation of bridges.

(Call from DIE LINKE: There was PPP!)

Because one thing is clear: The backbone and backbone of the economy, in all of Germany and especially in rural areas, was the truck during the corona crisis.Let’s remember the motorway towards Poland here in Berlin. Who was the support that looked after us? Who?

(Shouts from BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN)

– Yes, but there is no getting around it: People need food and – I don’t just want to remind you – toilet paper. But that is exactly what was transported by truck, and that is exactly what we made sure of.

(Shouts from BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN)

And that’s exactly why we founded the Autobahn Company to renovate, maintain and expand the freeways. This highway company will work against all prophecies of doom. Contrary to what the press said, no rip cord was pulled. That’s just nonsense! The motorway company will start, dear colleague Jurk, on January 1, 2021, as we have decided.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU – shouting from the LEFT: the toll was decided on January 1, 2016!)

The transformation process is a challenge. The Federal Highway Authority in Leipzig is being set up, also with this budget. So we are on the right track.

Let me say one more thing about air transport. Interestingly, hardly anyone talks about him anymore.

(Shout from the SPD)

– Little more. – But air transport is also important to us. Air traffic is essential for Germany. That’s why the help for Lufthansa was the right one. But now I would like to consciously raise my index finger in the direction of Lufthansa: If we support, we expect customer orientation in the homework that Lufthansa currently has to do.

(Applause from MP Patrick Schnieder [CDU / CSU] – Alexander Ulrich [DIE LINKE]: job security! – Sven-Christian Kindler [ALLIANCE 90 / THE GREENS]: You should have secured it!)

That, too, ladies and gentlemen, is an important indication of this debate.

In the next few weeks we will of course also have to talk about broadband as part of the TKG amendment, we will have to talk about mobile communications. It is important that our minister persevered in Brussels,

(Laughter from Deputy Katharina Dröge [ALLIANCE 90 / THE GREENS])

that the old German copper company knows that copper wire is not the future, but fiber optics and that we want gigabits all over Germany.

We got a lot of important issues off the ground. We continue to work successfully because that’s what people expect of us.

Thank you very much.

(Applause from the CDU / CSU)


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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