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Source: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

“On the 75th Traditional Day of the Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Sector, I cordially offer my dearest regards and best wishes to all the cadres, civil servants, and employees working in the sector.

Immediately after the success of the August Revolution, President Ho Chi Minh issued Decree No.41-SL on the establishment of the Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Sector. Over the 75 years of construction and growth, the cadres, civil servants, and employees of the sector have been present in all parts of the country, from borders to remote islands, significantly contributing to the fight for the national liberation, reunification, construction and defence. Nowadays, the sector is gradually approaching the advanced scientific and technical level, giving timely meteorological and hydrological warnings and forecasts, contributing to the efficiency of the work of natural disaster prevention and combat, and in response to climate change, for the safety and happiness of the people as well as the country’s sustainable socio-economic development. Acknowledging these great achievements and contributions, the Party and State have presented the Ho Chi Minh Order and many noble awards to the sector. On this occasion, on behalf of the leaders of the Party and State, I warmly congratulate and commend the efforts and great contributions made by the Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Sector over the past 75 years.

Currently, our country is entering a new stage of development, while at the same time facing many serious challenges due to climate change and the increase and complexity of extreme weather, as well as hydrological and marine phenomena. In the context of the country’s geography stretching from North to South with various climatic conditions, and being affected by natural disasters and extreme weather, the sector should continue to promote its traditions, knowledge and experience, while at the same time taking advantage of the scientific achievements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in order to provide timely information, meteorological and hydrological data, ensuring consistency, accuracy, continuity, reliability, effectively to serve the country’s socio-economic fields.

I also request Party committees at all levels, local authorities and the people to continue to pay attention to creating the conditions for the Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Sector to successfully fulfil its tasks. I believe that the sector will overcome all difficulties, unite and work together to well perform all tasks and responsibilities assigned by the Party, State and people.

I wish good health, happiness and success to you all and your families.



Party General Secretary and State President

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