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Source: United States House of Representatives – Congressman Jared Golden (ME-02)

September 16, 2020

Press Release

WASHINGTON — Congressman Jared Golden (ME-02) released a statement following yesterday’s proposal of a credible bipartisan COVID-19 package by the Problem Solvers Caucus and congressional leaders’ continued resistance to restarting serious negotiations. 

“We started Tuesday with a credible bipartisan proposal to deliver COVID-19 relief and a commitment to staying in Washington until we got a deal done. We ended Tuesday with party leaders choosing politics over country, bringing momentum to a screeching halt.

“It’s not too late to put negotiations back on the right track. The bipartisan Problem Solvers proposal shows that when party politics are taken out of the mix, there is a solid deal to be had.”

“My colleagues and I on both sides of the aisle stand ready to negotiate and work together to deliver for our constituents. We’re committed to staying in Washington and doing our jobs until we deliver for our constituents. Helping people that have lost jobs, keeping our hospitals fiscally healthy, and saving small businesses is more important than any campaign.” – Congressman Jared Golden (ME-02)