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Source: China State Council Information Office 2

The Luohu district government has organized a series of activities to mark the Shenzhen Cybersecurity Week from Sept. 14-20.
The main hosts of the activities are the Cyberspace Administration of the Luohu Committee of the Communist Party of China, Luohu Public Security Bureau and Luohu District Government Affairs Data Bureau.
This year, the theme of the Cybersecurity Week is that network security is for the people and relies on the people.
Through the activities, the Luohu government wants people to know that the advancement of information technology not only makes people’s lives more convenient but also makes it easier for their data to be stolen.
The police said that loan sharks often prey on college students through internet finance, and swindlers usually offer bait to ensnare their targets.
Network users, particularly juveniles, should be aware of easy money offers or of seduction by the opposite sex on the internet, as behind these offers, there are often hidden dangers.
People should also guard against rogue software that often has backdoors to spy on the users’ privacy.
The Luohu government has also invited some experts to teach people about privacy protection and how to deal with different network security cases.

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