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MIL OSI Translation. Government of the Republic of France statements from French to English

Source: Republic of France in FrenchLa French Republic has issued the following statement:



The force Barkhane is continuing its effort in the region of the Liptako-Gourma area and focuses its action in the fight against armed groups of terrorists in the region so-called ” three borders “.

The news was sadly marked by the death in combat of corporal Tojohasina RAZAFINTSALAMA of the 1st regiment of hussars paratroopers in Tarbes in the course of a reconnaissance operation conducted by the force Barkhane in Mali.

On the 23rd of July in the early morning, a light armoured vehicle (LAV) of the force Barkhane, was struck by a vehicle suicide explosives on the RN16 linking Gossi Gao.

During this explosion, the brigadier Tojohasina RAZAFINTSALAMA was mortally wounded, despite the immediate intervention of the medical team present in the convoy. The Face of this attack, the unit in contact immediately engaged the fight. At the same time, two Tiger helicopters, and a drone Reaper, have been deployed to support ground-based elements.

During the explosion, two other soldiers constituting the crew of the LAV were also wounded and evacuated to the military hospital in Gao and then to France.

After that his brothers in arms have made a final tribute, it is France that has been able to pay homage to his memory on the Bridge Alexandre III and then during the ceremony at the Invalides.


From 19 to 26 July, a unit of the battle Group desert (GTD) “Bruno” has performed an operation to harassment by armed Groups of terrorists (GAT) in the heart of the Gourma of mali. During this operation “Bruno” has in particular benefited the 22 July support of a patrol of two Mirage 2000D in the area of Adiora.

Day or night, the unit was recognized and controlled several successive areas supposedly occupied by the GAT, while establishing as much as possible links with the population of the Gourma, assuring the support of the force. Despite the rainy season makes the field less practicable, with the French military with vehicles with high mobility (VHM) recently sent on the theater to maintain in the longer term a strong pressure on the enemy.

In parallel of its operations, the GTD “Bruno” has led an action for the benefit of the people of Gao. In fact, the colonel Aunis, chief of police, participated in the inauguration of the health center community BANIKA. The main actions carried out by the force Barkhane have been to repair the incinerator site and to modernize the water supply system in the delivery rooms and examination.

Ø The GTD “Bercheny” in support of the FAMa
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While maintaining its operations control area around the rights-of-way northern, the battle Group desert (GTD) “Bercheny” continued its operations in the Liptako malo-nigerian. On 23 July, one of its units has received the support of a patrol of two Mirage 2000D while she was working in the area of Ansongo.

The formation of a section of the ULRI (light unit of recognition and response) of Menaka is prolonged and is in part devoted to the various modules of rescue in combat. The long-term objective is that this unit of the malian armed forces (FAMa) to be able to perfectly take into account any of their wounded by carrying out the first steps that save lives without the support of Barkhane.

Outputs air weekly balance sheet, from 22 to 28 July inclusive)

The aircraft of the force Barkhane have achieved 100 outputs, 24 of which outputs hunting, 26 outputs, ISR and 50 missions of transport or refueling.



The operation Chammal is continuing, and the military remain firmly committed in their fight against the terrorist organization Daech, which attempts to reconstruct its network and continues its violent activities at a low level.


Following in the footsteps of general Dupont as Senior national representative for the theatre (SNR-Y) for the operation Chammal, the general Late is made to present the various missions of the DICE (Directorate of interagency and civil environment) for which it provides direction. This new service of the general staff of the Operation inherent resolve (OIR) is responsible for the actions of civil-military (ACM). The DICE will now ensure the direct link between all NGOS and other agencies present in Iraq, and the iraqi government.

Ø 2000 hours of flight to the Rafale since the beginning of the year
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The flying activity of our hunter involved in the coalition is always consistent. Since the January 1, 2020, the fighter squadron of the air Base planned (BAP) in the Levant has made nearly 440 outputs for a total of 2000 hours of volume for 2000 hours, it is so many activities to all related specialties : air traffic controllers, mechanics, commandos, firemen, etc who are working for that every day, aircraft French Chammal be able to participate in air missions of RTI.

This week, the BAP in the east, welcomed its thousandth transport aircraft since its establishment in November 2014. Logistics Hub, essential to the operation Chammal, the BAP welcomes every week, A400M, Transall, and, since last week, the all-new A330 MRTT Phoenix.

Outputs air weekly balance sheet, from 22 to 28 July inclusive)

The aircraft, a French based in the Levant and in the united arab Emirates continue their actions against Daech, within the Coalition. This week, the aircraft engaged in the operation Chammal have carried out 18 sorties.


vet – Mission Lynx 7
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The French detachment of the mission Lynx 7 is now operational. Its 300 soldiers and their equipment deployed from France are now integrated in the enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group (vet BG) in Lithuania. After the last technical checks and the reassembly of certain parts which are sensitive following the transit by rail, combat vehicles of the Sub-task force (company team) will be declared “able to do” campaign. The official presentation of the company team French, with its tanks Leclerc and his armored combat Vehicle of infantry (VBCI) will take place on 4 August, during the handover ceremony of command of the multinational battalion. The new German commander of the vet-BG will then have under his command all allied units that are declared ” ready to manoeuvre “.

The week was marked by the visit to Rukla of Mrs. Claire Lignières-Counathe, ambassador of France in Lithuania. A first for the ambassador of France that is made with French soldiers from Lynx 7, to discuss with them, share their meals and to learn about their operational capabilities as their major material, with which they will take part tomorrow in the training alongside the other nations of the vet BG.

Dragons, transmitters, infantrymen, maintenanciers, soldiers of the train as each member of the operational mission, Lynx 7, all are now driven by their commitment to the service of NATO.

Currently in week ” hot “, the air detachment of the mission enhanced Air Policing (eAP) in Estonia was requested for a flight ” Alpha Scramble “. The fighter pilots of the French were taken off alert at the request of the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) when an aircraft unknown has been spotted on the outskirts of the air-space of baltic. The Mirage 2000-5F have joined this unit for a visual verification of his identity and a clarification of its intentions.

For the past three months, the Mirage took off on alert several times in order to ensure their mission of protection of the airspace in baltic. France, deployed on the basis of Ämari in Estonia, sharing this mission with the Spain and the United Kingdom that are made on the basis of Šiauliai, Lithuania. At the same time, the French hunter to continue their training in combat in order to maintain their operational skills. To this day, they have completed 488 hours of flying 339 sorties, including take-offs on a genuine alert called ” Alpha Scramble “, but also of flight training called ” Tango Scramble “.


Naval operations

In the eastern Mediterranean, the frégate type La Fayette Aconite continues its actions for the benefit of the operation Chammal.

After a week of presence in the Black sea, the Building of command and control and refueling (BCR) Var has crossed the straits of the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles in the north-south direction on the 26th of July.

During the week he spent in the Black sea, the Var has conducted exercises with the hunter mine Vice admiral Constantin Balescu of the Marine Romanian. He has also conducted a refueling at sea for the benefit of the u.s. destroyer USS Porter.

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