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On the current situation with coronavirus

The global situation with the spread COVID-19 remains alarming. The Director General of the world health organization (who) T. Adhanom confirmed that the world today confronts a new, highly dangerous pathogen, pandemic was the most severe of emergency situations of international importance, ever, pledged by the Organization. Signs of “inhibition” of infection is not recorded from the coronavirus is rapidly spreading across the planet. Over the last eighteen months the statistics of cases has almost doubled. Passed the milestone of 17 million infected people. The dynamics of infection in different countries and regions has not subsided, and demonstrates the need to be ready for the second wave of the epidemic.

Note the recently-announced who consolidated the initiative of a number of specialized UN agencies and expert institutions to establish a unified database on best international practice in the area of legal and regulatory efforts to fight infection and its negative consequences. Its launch is likely to boost resilience COVID-19 on the national and international levels, to make the measures more effective.

As demonstrated by localized outbreaks of the disease in individual States, observed on the background, seemingly made of the “taming” of coronaviruses, the reverses in the dynamics of disease development may take place. It is obvious that to effectively cope with the unprecedented cross-border challenge can only be based on collective efforts.

Prospects for the resumption of transport

Assessment of current sanitary and epidemiological situation in the world is not allowed to talk about the possibility today of full repeal introduced in March the government of the Russian Federation, temporary restrictions on the entry into our country of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship and Russian citizens crossing the state border through the checkpoints other than air.

Currently, the focus of work aimed at the gradual resumption of international air traffic.

According to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 24, 2020 No. 1915-R August 1, provides for the possibility of entrance to Russia coming to our country flights from the UK, Tanzania and Turkey, citizens of these countries, as well as persons with a residence permit or another document confirming the right to permanent residence in these countries. In addition, the possibility of entrance to Russia from these three countries can benefit from having a residence permit in these countries, the citizens of those States with which Russia has agreements on visa-free travel.

In the Russian diplomatic missions in the UK, Turkey and Tanzania resumes issuance of visas in all categories in the usual way. It should be borne in mind that the visa will only be issued to citizens of these States, as well as persons with a residence permit (or other document confirming the right to permanent residence) in the UK, Turkey and Tanzania. Citizens of other States, temporarily residing in the territory of the mentioned countries, a visa is not yet issued.

As for the other countries, it is hard work, it continues.

The Russian foreign Ministry is monitoring the rules of entry of Russian citizens in foreign States in the context of a pandemic with the direction of its results in the Federal air transport Agency and the CPS to make coherent sentences about the opening of regular flights to the countries concerned. Including examines the readiness of our partners to take foreign flights and entered the special requirements (in particular, the need for certificates of testing, area of foreigners quarantined). Along with CPS monitoring the sanitary-epidemiologic situation in foreign countries in order to clarify the list of countries with which it is possible resumption of air links.

In the foreseeable future, there is a resumption of air links with other countries that meet the relevant criteria (incidence 14 days no more than 40 persons on 100 thousand population

Please also note that all arrivals from abroad of persons are sanitary-quarantine control at checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation. Foreign citizens when crossing the border must present to the officials carrying out sanitary and quarantine control, medical documents about the absence of disease COVID-19 (in Russian or English) confirming the negative result of the laboratory examination of the material on COVID-19 by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), taken not earlier than 72 hours prior to arrival to the Russian Federation, or medical documents confirming the identification of relevant antibodies.

On the promotion of the return of Russian citizens to their Homeland

Traditionally, a few words about the program facilitate the return of Russian citizens to the Homeland in the context of pandemic coronavirus. We have repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that the vast majority of citizens inevitably find themselves in an acute difficult situation as a result of global transport collapse, unable to travel to Russia. Since the launch of the current algorithm such exports are already more than 63 thousand people, of which about 53 thousand were exported by the boards of Russian airlines.

However, even on the background of the forthcoming resumption of regular flights between the separate cities of Russia and great Britain, Turkey and Tanzania, the work on formation of the export schedule of flights and their execution is not terminated. Last week, I note on the flight from Tivat, Seoul, Bishkek, Yerevan, tel Aviv, Madrid, nice and London. In addition, was organized by the export flight for 170 Russian citizens remaining in the Philippines, in spite of the already previously implemented two of the export voyage. In the end, a few dozen compatriots have made the decision not to fly from Manila to Vladivostok. It is their right. We believe that if you wish, they can take advantage of regular flights after the resumption to get to Russia.

This week we are in for two export flight in the US – Miami and Los Angeles, where we suffered a lot of hits. Note that their number grows with the approach of the new school year. Compatriots mean to return to Russia because of the resumption of the educational process. Many at the same time as the argument in favor of returning to Russia indicate a complex situation with coronavirus in the United States. In addition, the planned implementation of the flights from Bangkok, Phuket, Goa.

We continue to monitor the situation and in the remote areas of the world where export the flight due to objective reasons is not performed, to provide maximum assistance to the remaining Russian citizens there. The hybrid scheme has proved itself quite effective. We hope that with the expansion of transit opportunities, an even greater number of Russian citizens will be able to return home.

Of detainees in the Republic of Belarus Russian citizens

We look forward to the comment of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Belarus D. F. Mezentsev on the situation with Russian citizens detained in Belarus.

About the Russian humanitarian aid to the countries of the Caucasus in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection

In the circumstances of the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic COVID-19 Russia has a state in the South Caucasus with a range of humanitarian assistance. In particular, free of charge supplied sets of test systems “Vector” for laboratory diagnosis of novel coronavirus infection.

In some countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia) worked or continue to provide practical, organizational and methodological assistance to teams of Russian specialists from various specialized medical institutions.

By agreement with the host country and support our military doctors. So, currently in Armenia there is a group of Russian military experts. Earlier in Abkhazia consolidated medical detachment worked on disinfected objects on the territory of this Republic.

Moreover, on the basis of the reference center of the Stavropol scientific research anti-plague Institute, experts from Abkhazia and South Ossetia were trained in working with test systems “Vector”.

On signing the agreement with FAO on cooperation in the fight against locusts in Africa

July 27, in Rome, via videoconference, took place the signing of the agreement between the foreign Ministry and the Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO) on the introduction of Russia in the budget of the Organization $ 10 million.USA to fight the locust invasion in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and South Sudan. From the Russian side the Agreement was signed by the Permanent representative of Russia to FAO and other international organizations in Rome Vasiliev Victor L., FAO – Deputy General Director B. Bactol.

From the beginning of 2020, the population of desert locust in Eastern Africa, the middle East and Asia increased 400 times, which created an unprecedented threat to food security and in fact has jeopardized the lives of over 40 million inhabitants of these regions. The situation is further complicated by the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.

In accordance with the humanitarian appeal to FAO to respond to the spread of desert locust in the countries of the horn of Africa to fight the pest will require more than $ 300 million.USA. To date, mobilized about 130 million dollars.USA.

The Russian contribution will not only help to eliminate the invasion threat agricultural pest, but is a confirmation of strengthening of our cooperation with African countries in accordance with the final Declaration of the Summit Russia-Africa, adopted in Sochi on 24 October 2019.

On the current situation in Venezuela

Continue to follow the situation in Venezuela. According to the information received, the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the country remains tense, but in General controlled by the Government. The main foci of infection coronavirus infection located in the border with Colombia, the areas where arriving returning to the country by Venezuelan migrants. Despite strict quarantine measures, the Venezuelan authorities provide all necessary assistance to the arriving citizens. Encourage South American countries to expand cooperation with colleagues from Venezuela for the joint prevention of coronavirus among the most vulnerable segments of the population.

In this context, we note the beginning of the practical implementation of the framework of a humanitarian agreement, signed on June 1, Venezuelan parties and the pan American health organization. Recently there were reports about the “unfreezing” of the U.S. authorities of funds in the accounts owned by the Government of Venezuela. These funds will be used by the pan American health organization for the procurement of personal protective equipment, and diagnosis, as well as their transportation to Venezuela. We are talking about an amount in the range of $ 20 million. USA. While oocupy the amount blocked in the US Venezuelan assets is more than 116 billion dollars.USA.

Noteworthy is the fact that the release of these funds is served in mainstream media only as a merit Deputy H. Guido. Considering that he welcomed the illegal sanctions and the arrest of the Venezuelan funds in foreign accounts, we believe that current attempts to score political points on the suffering of the Venezuelan people as, at least, cynical. We are convinced that implementation of homoplasty from June 1, should be undertaken jointly by all three signatories to this document and in amounts that do meet the urgent needs of the population.

Obviously, these exemptions from the sanctions regime is not sufficient to meet the humanitarian needs of Venezuela. Need to make Washington completely abandoned its policy of unilateral restrictive measures on blocking of foreign economic activity of Caracas, and gave the Venezuelan Government the ability to purchase medicines and commodities. Only after that the Venezuelan people will be able to effectively confront the pandemic.

In December of this year in accordance with the Constitution the elections to the National Assembly of Venezuela. Actively carried out the corresponding preparatory activities. However, the election preparation is associated with a number of difficulties, associated not only with the coronavirus, but the actions of some outside players. Without the electoral process to seek a political solution vnutrivuzovskogo confrontation is unlikely. This is the new reality, which is already aware of responsible political forces interested in a peaceful outcome of the Venezuelan crisis. Welcome efforts to connect to the electoral process a broad spectrum of political parties.

Again repeat our position, consider the electoral process as a key element of the settlement. Venezuelan society is tired of confrontation. In this regard, encourage foreign partners to refrain from non-constructive criticism and attempts at disruption of the election process, not to mention the ideas of force to overthrow the legitimate government in Venezuela. Any radical actions are fraught with even greater escalation of tension.

We expect that all members of the international community will contribute to the creation of favorable conditions to develop by the Venezuelans and constructive compromise solutions to existing problems.

About the Russian-American meeting on strategic topics

In Vienna the meeting of expert groups in the framework of bilateral Russian-American strategic dialogue. The event was held in the form of consecutive meetings on the subject of space security doctrine and capabilities, verification and transparency.

Recall how to develop our cooperation with the USA on strategic issues in recent years. In 2014, because of the actions and initiative of the Obama administration’s regular dialogue, including on issues of international security and strategic stability was interrupted and actually frozen in three and a half years. In the summer of 2017, the presidents of B. B. Putin and D. trump reached an understanding on the need to resume contacts on strategic issues and arms control. Since then, there have been four full-length round of consultations at the level of Deputy foreign Ministers on the subject in September 2017, July 2019, and then in January and June of this year.

So far such contacts are difficult to qualify as a regular. To a large extent this was due to the staffing situation in Washington. For each of these meetings, the us delegation arrived with a new leader and a serious renovation of the structure.

The Russian interdepartmental delegation is traditionally led by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia S. A. Ryabkov.

In the current year pursuant to the instructions of presidents of Russia and USA contacts strategic agenda has been activated. They were able to give a more specific nature. In particular, during the January round of strategic dialogue was agreed to start expert discussion of the problems of space security. We are talking about reviewing the entire complex of relevant issues, including the risk of weapons in outer space.

In the final round on June 22 was further agreed on holding expert meetings on the subject of verification and transparency, as well as military doctrines and capabilities. On the American side was initially proposed to consider only the issues associated with nuclear warheads. We offered to look at the bigger picture and focus on all kinds of weapons, the ability to solve strategic tasks and to tell the impact on strategic stability.

In fact, these three thematic blocks (space security doctrine and capabilities, transparency and verification) experts of the two countries reviewed during the meeting in the Austrian capital from 27 to 30 July. The conversation was specific and professional. The parties need to thoroughly analyze the results.

Russia is open to continued dialogue with Washington on various aspects of strategic issues. We believe it is important, in particular, in order to try to prevent further destruction of the international agreements in force in this area. We will seek to build further relations with the United States in the field of arms control, on a strictly parity basis and relying on the principle of mutual respect for the interests and concerns of the parties.

At the same time, taking this opportunity, I would like to Express my gratitude to the Government and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Austria for the assistance in the organization of a new meeting with the American side in the framework of our strategic dialogue.

On the supply of arms by USA to Pristina

With regret and alarm record information about the American supply of arms and military equipment to the authorities in Pristina. The US is doing this openly, to the detriment of international efforts aimed at ensuring peace and stability in the Balkans and therefore incompatible with the militarization of the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo”.

The intent of Washington is to help the Kosovars to create their own “army”. However, thus grossly violated the provisions of UN security Council resolution 1244, which provides just the dismantling of all Kosovo Albanian paramilitary units, allowing the presence in the region exclusively to the international peacekeeping contingent.

Urge all who care about the situation in the Balkans and the future of this sensitive region, not to allow steps, running the risk of destabilization, accumulation of explosive conflict potential.

On the observance of measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime in the Donbass

A week ago we reported that in the work of the Minsk Contact group there have been some positive developments. July 22, Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk, under the mediation of the OSCE and Russia agreed on additional measures on strengthening of the ceasefire regime in the Donbass, which entered into force on 27 July. Fully support the agreements, aimed primarily at saving human lives and preventing further destruction of infrastructure.

According to available information, the truce at the demarcation line while generally respected.

This is an important step in the phased implementation of the Minsk agreements and decisions of the Paris meeting of the leaders of “Norman Quartet” in December 2019.

We expect that the steady-state regime of silence will remain, which will allow more efficiency to solve other issues in the process of settlement of the internal Ukrainian conflict, primarily relating to the political aspects of the Minsk agreements.

On the provision of medical assistance to Russian citizens who are in prisons of the USA

Currently in prisons and detention facilities United States contains about a hundred citizens of the Russian Federation. Most of them are serving sentences for committing non-violent offences. Unfortunately, we have to admit that often correctional institutions shy away from providing adequate treatment serving sentences for our countrymen, including those suffering from serious chronic diseases. Despite the need for medical care, their comprehensive examination is often delayed or even not carried out. Only after repeated requests by the Russian Embassy in the United States to the American authorities managed to provide many of them qualified medical assistance.

Due to the spread of novel coronavirus infection, note the lack of the necessary means of individual protection prisoners (masks, gloves). Prisoners with symptoms of SARS are contained in the blocks common mode. Some are serving sentences in the United States were tested for coronavirus – the results are negative.

The Russian foreign Ministry pays very close attention to health status and conditions of convicts and awaiting a decision from the U.S. court of Russians. In a pandemic novel coronavirus infection intensified with the US authorities in order to assist in prison regrading and protect their interests. Will continue to seek from Washington the release of the most vulnerable categories of prisoners whose life and health are threatened.

On statement by press-Secretary of the European external action service on the situation in Crimea

Drew attention to the statement by the press Secretary of the European foreign service (EVS) held in connection with the July 20 groundbreaking ceremony of two amphibious assault ships at the shipyard in Kerch on the Crimean Peninsula. See it as another attempt to interfere in the internal Affairs of another state. Voiced EMU abstracts again demonstrate the inability to soberly assess the situation in the region realities and indifference to the legitimate interests and aspirations of the residents of the Crimea.

I would like to emphasize that our policy of strengthening the defense capability of the Russian fleet in the black sea aims to contribute to stability and security.

In connection with the allegations allegedly installed by us restrictions on visiting Crimea, Ukrainian citizens would like to note that temporary preventive measures imposed by the Russian Federation in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, apply to citizens of most European countries, including Ukraine.

With regard to violations of international law, in which we once again accuses the European Union, we are seeing just from the Kiev authorities. In this regard, the European Union proposed instead to relay allegations of Ukraine to Russia to pay due attention to the inhumane actions of Kiev to cut off water and electricity supplies to the Crimea. Call on the EU to abandon blatant practices “visa discrimination” of the Crimean people, which is also directly contrary to international law and basic documents of the European Union.

About the article, published in the journal “The Nation”

Could not pay attention to published on July 24 at the oldest weekly publication of the United States “The Nation” article, which in the most detailed way restored the real picture manipulation in preparing the report of the special mission of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) fact-finding of the use of chemical weapons in Syria by the resonant highincidence in the Duma on 7 April 2018. Despite the fact that all these facts are already widely known, they first appeared on the pages of such a solid and reputable Western publications.

These manipulations for the second year are discussed in numerous international independent experts, public and political figures, representatives of mass media. It came even to collective appeals to States parties to the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons and personally to the UN Secretary General, as its Depositary, with a call to understand the situation and to adopt urgent measures aimed at restoring confidence in the Technical Secretariat of the OPCW.

We and our associates have continually raised this issue at the site of the OPCW. However, there is no clear response to these numerous appeals and has not followed. One gets the impression that the problem is simply trying to “hush up”, but would not take the whole of this hard-hitting story, showing that the reports of the special mission of the OPCW deliberately distorted to including to justify the actions of the United States, Britain and France, who inflicted missile strikes on the territory of an independent state in violation of the UN Charter and universally recognized norms of international law. At the end of this kind of political and military provocations and adventures, it is well known from the case of Iraq and Libya.

Hope that will be able to understand this very ugly history to return to the work of the OPCW in a professional, depoliticized and technical direction, as required by the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons.

On the verification of content in a social network “Facebook” social “Stopfeyk”

In “the new York times” appeared resonance publication on the topic of cooperation the company “Facebook” with the Ukrainian website “Stopfeyk”.

The article reports on relations between the Ukrainian resource by right-wing radicals and nationalists in Kiev and presented a series of incriminating “Stopfeyk” facts. We will remind that since April of 2019 “Facebook” cooperates with this resource in the implementation of verification of the facts published in the social network.

The Russian side has long known about the openly anti-Russian character of the site “Stopfeyk”, his maniacal tracing and painful interpretation of any Russian-language publications in the network, and also about his links with right-wing radicals.

Disappointed with the choice of such a large Corporation like Facebook in favor of this extremely partisan resource in the important matter of verification information. Examples of publications considered “Stopfeyk” as unreliable, leave no doubt that the purpose of this collaboration is the continuation of the political censorship of Russian-language content in “Facebook”.

Urge the company to take a more responsible approach in the selection of partners. Consider this behavior of the American technology giant as another confirmation of the coordinated policies of Western countries for the sweep of the world’s information space from Russian content.

On a three-day cease-fire in Afghanistan

We welcome the announcement by the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban’s next three-day ceasefire on the occasion of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. However, note that it does not solve the main tasks at the current stage of settlement of the situation in this country – an early start of direct inter-Afghan negotiations.

We urge both sides to use the current pause in armed conflict to reduce the overall level of violence in Afghanistan, the completion of the process of exchange of prisoners and the transition to a constructive dialogue to achieve national reconciliation.

The entry into force of the amendments to the Federal law “On citizenship of the Russian Federation”

On 24 July, entered into force the Federal law from April 24, 2020 No. 134-FZ on amendments to the Federal law “On citizenship of the Russian Federation” according to which the power to receive Russian citizenship as adults with a parent-a Russian citizen living in Russia, are transferred to the exclusive jurisdiction of territorial bodies of the MIA of Russia for a stay of the applicant on the territory of our country.

These changes were approved in the framework of implementation approved by the President of Russia’s state migration policy Concept for the years 2019-2025 for demographic development of the Russian Federation and the involvement of foreigners, the ability to successfully integrate into Russian society.

Innovations also includes a number of measures on simplification of obtaining Russian citizenship of persons located on the territory of the Russian Federation, in particular:

– for all categories of applicants of Russian citizenship abolished the requirement of renouncing their existing citizenship of a foreign state

– excluded conditions on period of residence in the Russian Federation and confirm the availability of livelihood for persons acquiring Russian citizenship in a simplified mode

– reduced from three years to one year compulsory period of labor activity in the Russian Federation prior to applying for admission to Russian citizenship for persons who have received vocational education on the territory of the Russian Federation after July 1, 2002

– granted right to file an application for admission to Russian citizenship in a simplified procedure permanently residing in our country, the citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine

– simplified procedure of granting citizenship to foreigners and persons without citizenship who are married to Russian citizens residing on the territory of the Russian Federation and having in this marriage children.

About memorial events at the Russian chapel under the vršič pass (Slovenia)

25 July in Slovenia was held the traditional memorial celebration at the Russian chapel in memory of Russian prisoners of war who died during the First world war during the construction of the mountain road. This facility, built in 1916 on the site of the tragedy, became a symbol of friendship, a place of annual meetings of representatives of the authorities and the public of the two countries.

From Slovenian side the event was attended by President Borut Pahor, the President of the national Assembly I. Torchic, key Ministers and parliamentarians, representatives of political circles, activists of friendship societies and anti-fascist NGOs, prominent figures of culture and art. Honorary patron of the celebrations was the Chairman of the State Council of country A. Kovsca. The Russian delegation was headed by the Ambassador of Russia in Slovenia T. R. Eyvazov.

Thank our partners for their careful attitude to the Russian military memorials on the Slovenian territory. Consider the annual ceremony at the Russian chapel as a sign of respect to the memory of ancestors, the mutual desire of the peoples of Russia and Slovenia to preserve the historical truth, to develop relations of good-neighbourliness.

On the celebration of the independence Day of the Republic of Benin

1 Aug the Republic of Benin, with which Russia maintains traditionally friendly relations, celebrates the 60th anniversary of independence and sovereignty. More than half a century ago ended one of the most difficult periods in the history of the Benin people associated with the colonial era. In the XVII century on the territory of modern Benin and Togo was formed African country, called Dahomey. In the late nineteenth century France conquered Dahomey, established a protectorate over the greater part of modern Benin, and in 1904 incorporated it part of French West Africa.

The people of Dahomey started the fight against the colonial yoke in 1916-1917 After the Second world war, the rise of the national liberation movement forced France to give the Vatican the right to establish their own Parliament as well as representation in the French Parliament as “overseas territories”. On 11 July 1960 France recognized the sovereignty of Dahomey, which is on August 1, 1960, declared its independence and withdrew from the French community. In November 1975 the country received its present name – the Republic of Benin.

In our days the Benin government as a whole to successfully cope with the solution of the country’s objectives, taking measures to improve the socio-economic life of the population, pursue a balanced foreign policy.

We are pleased to congratulate the people of Benin’s national holiday, and wish him peace, well-being and prosperity.

On the celebration of the independence Day of the Republic of Niger

3 Aug the Republic of the Niger, with which we also have long-standing relations of friendship and cooperation, will mark the 60th anniversary of the state independence. The Niger people has gone a long way to freedom and opportunity to decide their own fate.

By the end of the nineteenth century France has completed the colonization of the territory of modern Niger, having the right to new ownership at the end of the Berlin conference of 1884. The actions of the French colonialists, who established control over the conquered regions was accompanied by the repression and destruction of entire settlements. Niger remains one of the poorest colonies of France in Africa. In the early twentieth century the national liberation struggle took armed in nature, these appearances were cruelly suppressed. In 1958, Niger acquired the rights of an Autonomous Republic within the French community and on August 3, 1960, became a fully independent state.

Today Niger is moving toward democratic development, successfully overcomes the existing problems in economic and social fields, making a significant contribution to the collective African efforts to combat the terrorist threat in the Sahara-Sahel region.

I would like to congratulate the people of Niger with the occasion to wish him continued success, peace and prosperity.

About the International award in the name of Khaled al-Khatib

On the days of the war correspondents from Russia, Syria and India was awarded the annual prize “RT”, awarded to journalists for the best work from the conflict zone.

The award, Khaled al-Khatib international memorial Awards (Khaled Al khateb International Memorial Awards) established in honor of the 25-year-old journalist Khaled al-Khatib, cooperating with “Russia today” Arabic. A young man was killed in a rocket attack by militants in the Syrian province of HOMS on 30 July 2017. In his reports he covered the fighting between the governmental forces of Syria with the terrorists. In 2018 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the posthumous awarding of Khaled al-Khatib the medal “For courage”, which was presented to his family at the first awards ceremony.

The prize is awarded in three categories: “the Best work from the conflict zone: the Short video”, “Best work from the conflict zone: Long video”, “Best work from the conflict zone: Text”. Victory claimed journalists from 16 countries.

From the answers to the questions:

Question: can You comment on the situation around the Russian sailors K. N. Semenova I I. V. Voznikoveniia detained in Greece on charges of smuggling migrants?

Answer: the Situation with the arrest of Russian citizens in the territorial waters of the Hellenic Republic on charges of facilitating the illegal transport of migrants is under the control of the Russian foreign Ministry maintained correspondence with relatives of the sailors, carried out the overall coordination of consular support such cases.

Through the Embassy of Russia in Greece monitored compliance with all stipulated by international and Greek legislation the rights and lawful interests of detainees and convicted regrade. Embassy staff are taking steps to establish contacts with the arrested Russians, have informed their relatives in Russia, are trying to provide assistance in the framework of its competence, monitor the provision of normal living conditions, to organize a consular visit in the prisons of Athens and the city of Nafplion, if necessary issue of certificate of no criminal record in Russia, mandatory direct Russian citizens lists known to the Embassy of advocates and reference materials about the procedure for the transfer of persons convicted abroad to serve their sentence on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Question: American officials say that in meetings with Russian officials discussed issues of trilateral arms control. That is, this refers to the involvement of China?

Response: again, what we are talking about discussions in the development agreement of the leaders of our countries for development of the Russian-American agenda for security, stability and arms control. During the last full round of strategic dialogue, the parties confirmed their interest in continuing the interaction. Identified themes for further expert consideration in a bilateral format. All this today has already been said.

With regard to a possible multilateral discussions on measures to ensure predictability and restraint in missile and nuclear field, our position on this issue is well known and repeatedly discussed and, of course, was made known to Americans. Russia is open for such discussion, on the understanding that it would be counterproductive to “force” someone to participate in it. The corresponding discussion can be conducted only on the basis of consensus and taking account of the legitimate interests and approaches of all parties. To continue work in this area we see an important engagement, primarily Britain and France, allied in NATO, which calls itself a nuclear Alliance.

Question: the Special envoy of D. trump on arms control recently stated that the American President will never agree to limit missile defense. How can You comment on that? Was there discussion of missile issues within the framework of strategic dialogue?

Answer: After leaving the ABM Treaty, the U.S. has embarked on the unlimited capacity of its global missile defense system. Their unilateral actions in this sensitive area, including the formation of segments of the global missile defense in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and efforts to create space-based missile echelon, the most adverse impact on the international security system, greatly complicate relations in various regions of the world, contribute to the formation of dangerous prerequisites for the resumption of the nuclear arms race. While Russia and China are considered in the policy Review of the USA in the field of missile defense as a “potential adversaries”.

Russian officials repeatedly, including at the highest level, given my assessment of American actions on missile direction. Of course, we continue to put relevant matters before the Americans, including in the framework of the strategic dialogue. Touched on the topic and at the recent Vienna meeting during the expert discussions on the doctrines and capabilities. Call US in implementing its anti-missile plans to adhere to the principle of the inadmissibility of strengthening its own security at the expense of the security of other States.

Question: is Declared by Turkey, the negotiations with the participation of the delegation headed by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia S. V. Vershinin, according to Turkish media, go around the control of Sirte and the surrounding areas. Turkey and F. H. Sarraj require the Haftarot and the so-called “Russian mercenaries” to leave Sirte airbase and al-Dzhufra. What is the position of Russia on these “calls”? What is the essence and logic of the negotiations with Turkey in Libya?

Answer: Held in Ankara on 21 and 22 July the Russian-Turkish consultations are part of our collaboration with the Turks of the work carried out in accordance with the direct instruction of the Presidents of Russia and Turkey to meet in Libya, sustained and unconditional cessation of hostilities and launch an inclusive political process.

Let me remind you that the first round of such consultations was held in Istanbul in mid-June. Following the talks in Ankara decided to hold a new meeting of the Russian and Turkish delegations in Moscow in the near future.

The agenda of this work includes a number of technical issues which we are currently attempting to negotiate with the Turkish side. These include including the deployment of the opposing forces at the time of the armistice. At the same time for agreement on various aspects of the Libyan settlement, it is primarily necessary to focus on the opinion of the Libyan protagonists directly involved in the confrontation. Therefore, the output of the final compromise agreement will still take some time.

Question: USA, Turkey, their representatives and the media, accusing Russia of violating an embargo on Libya. You have repeatedly said that thousands of jihadists and other militants has spread from Syria to Libya. How is it possible? Who, to your knowledge, violate the embargo?

Response: Unsubstantiated accusations in violation of the arms embargo imposed on Libya, we hear often. And for anybody not a secret that in the Libyan conflict through the supply of weapons and the transfer of foreign mercenaries and fighters in the combat area directly involved, a number of States, including those that blame it on Russia. So Your question should be addressed to the sanctions Committee of the UN security Council.

Question: Turkey has regularly underlined the special role of Russia in settling the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The leaders of Russia and Azerbaijan discussed the topic, she was raised recently during a telephone conversation held on the initiative of the Turkish side. During the conversation, was expressed on both sides a willingness to coordinate efforts to stabilize the situation on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Can you talk about understanding or, at least, shared the views of Russia and Turkey on the Karabakh conflict?

Answer: In Russia with great concern that I learned of the recent aggravation of the situation on the border of friendly Armenia and Azerbaijan. We are convinced that the longstanding Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, as well as any other differences in the international arena, you have to resolve exclusively by peaceful means through diplomatic negotiations. Our position has consistently shared by the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk group – the United States and France, as well as the UN, CIS and other international organizations.

The Russian leadership has made all necessary efforts to avoid further escalation, including through operational cooperation with key partners in the region. During a recent telephone negotiations of the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov and the Azerbaijani and Armenian counterparts, we once again received assurances of support for this approach by Baku and Yerevan.

Discussed with the Turkish side on the current situation in the Caucasus and particularly the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement on the level of heads of state on 27 July and the Ministers for foreign Affairs, 23 July. Both sides stated serious concern about the dangerous developments in the region. Russia and Turkey are premised on the inevitability of a politico-diplomatic solution of the existing problems on the basis of principles of international law in the interests of the peoples of Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Configured and continue to work with partners, including Turkey, to work towards the relief of a new round of tension, stabilizing the overall situation in the Caucasus, to contribute actively to the establishment of political dialogue between Yerevan and Baku.

Question: can You comment on the message of the Azerbaijani defense Ministry about the intention to conduct exercises with Turkey, including on the border with Armenia?

Response: According to available information, in accordance with the Azerbaijani-Turkish agreement on military cooperation in the period from 29 July to 10 August on the territory of Azerbaijan are jointly planned operational-tactical and tactical flight exercises. In total, they involved more than 5,000 troops, 150 armored vehicles, 150 units of vehicles artillery and air defense, and up to 30 tactical aircraft, helicopters, reconnaissance and attack unmanned aerial vehicles.

We will of course closely monitor the situation in the region, particularly given the recent Armenian-Azerbaijani border conflict, and we urge all parties to show restraint, including in current military activities.

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