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Source: the President of Latvia, in Latvian

Dear members of the audience!The united Nations (UN) as the foremost country in the world, the organisation is established before 75 years of age. At that time, the world was a very different place. It was founded with 51 of the country, and there we were, in that we were cleared for a time, as we later saw from the map of the world. Therefore, one of the first objectives of the us were once british government was internationally recognised in 1991. on p. 21. in August, the membership in the united nations. A few weeks later, we were at the United Nations, a full-fledged member of the. It was a confirmation of Latvia’s valstiskumam and a return to the international arena.In nepilnajos 30 years, we have been very active in the United Nations and the state, and has participated in different forums and in different United Nations policies and their development. Of course, the united nations has a little over 190 countries, we’re one of them, not like most of the country, but just not in the slightest. This forum is to be able to properly and effectively represent their own interests, and, at the same time, European and global interests, and this is what we are to a large extent, succeeded. So, Latvia is ready to start also in the of the United Nations and the Security council, which is the head of the United Nations, an organ of the greatest importance, and prestige. Here, we will make sure our neighbours in Estonia and Lithuania, and we are able to use their experience, and, of course, the experience of other countries.In the current stage, our first job is to get elected to the Security council, but at the same time, the second task is to think about what we do, there’s a election going to do. The two tasks have to be dealt with at the same time, because we are not able to simply just start on the Security council, but we also need to know what we want. In order to gain access of the Security council, it is necessary to have 2/3 support of the member states, it is obtained 129 votes out of 193. Of course, it is clear that we know the partners and friends in Europe, North america and elsewhere, but I think that for the most part of the world – Africa, South america, Oceania, Asia, etc.). c. – The republic of latvia and the Latvian name isn’t overly popular. If we were to go, for example, a Deli down the street and ask people, which is Latvia, and where it’s located, I’m sure that for the most part it definitely may not know. By the way, is also the other way around is to do the same. Just a youth representative, said that the young people were in the poll, which asked, what do you know about the United Nations, and the response was the same as in my hypothetical answer of Latvia to Delhi-streets – for the most part don’t know anything about it.As I have said before, it is necessary to 129 votes out of 193 of the UN Security council, in the beginning of 2026. the year of 2025. in elections should be represented in Latvia. This means that there is a need of a great deal of work in order to make it Latvia is a well-known and not just well-known in Latvia as a whole, but to the fact that Latvia is willing to, what will be Latvia’s contribution to that will be interesting, for these 129 countries. Because, why should they vote for us? This is a very important issue and a major challenge. I would say that on a global scale, the more the task is not at all, but I think the country is ready to take on the task, set the target and achieve that. Therefore, I would like to begin today a conversation on our way to the united nations Security council.For the last time at a meeting with the Estonian president, Estonia is currently a Security council member of the council), we a long time talked directly about it, as in Estonia it was up to the Security council, this campaign started out about 5-6 years ago, before the election of the more intensificējoties), of which Estonia is now made in the Security council, and it is driven by issues, European issues and on global issues. The UN is a global organisation, and for us, as the world’s most have to be prepared to make its contribution to the global problem-solving.By revealing the date of the call, I already know that it will be a very fruitful and interesting, and we aiziesim home with lots of new ideas and the challenges that all of us will have to do. Thank you very much.


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