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Rope towns for the entire family equipped in parks “Sokolniki”, “Fili”, “Krasnaya Presnya” and others. Visitors can go bungee-jumping, suspension bridges and rope maze at a height of from one to 22 meters.

Have fun with the whole family in the fresh air and adrenalin offer the city’s parks. Eight recreation areas of the capital Department of culture open rope towns.

They are complexes of rides with a rope mazes, tarzankoj and suspension bridges attached to the trunks of trees and poles at a height of several meters. Such rides often also called the Panda parks in honor of the bamboo bears, who spend most of their time on trees. Experience the power and agility, overcoming rope obstacles in parks “Sokolniki”, “Krasnaya Presnya”, “Kuzminki” and others.

“In our parks rope work camps for adults and children of different level of sports training. Before the passage of the route visitors will conduct mandatory training for safety and put on their safety equipment. The most complex and high the track is located in Fili Park. But for those who pass through, enjoy stunning views of the Moscow river” — said the press service


The entrance to the rope towns pay to find out the cost and you can purchase tickets on the official websites of recreational areas.

Jump on the trampoline and walk under the trees

Rope town in “Sokolniki” located on a Sand alley (near the Central scene), includes 11 routes of various difficulty levels. The highest trail in the Park and hanging stages, tarzankoj, a maze and other attractions is held at a height of 7.5 meters. Panda-Park is open daily from 10:00 to 21:00. More information about the routes and cost of tickets on the website Park.

Also in Sokolniki features a high ropes Park “FunГрад” for children aged four to 12 years. In addition to cable car routes, the young visitors have a bouncy castle and a climbing wall. The Park is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00, you can find it at: Mitki journey, the house 1. Detailed information can also be found on the website Park.

The high-rope route in the capital is located in Fili Park. The track height to 22 meters, with panoramic views of the Moscow river, are designed for adults and the physically fit visitors. In addition, adult and young fans of active recreation the Park has eight trails. And for the youngest visitors aged four years provided the easiest route at an altitude of only one meter. Rope town is located at the end of the main Avenue (500 metres from the main entrance to the Park). It is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. Detailed information and the cost of tickets is available on the website Park.

To stray in the air maze and a ride on the bungee

Another sky-town opened in the southern part of the Tagansky Park (near the Playground). Adult visitors are invited to experience the trails with a total length of 282 meters on the height of nine meters. And for children aged four years opened route length of 90 metres at a height of half a meter. The guys have to overcome 15 obstacles, including the suspended stairs, a rope maze, bungee and other attractions. The complex is open from 11:00 to 20:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 21:00 on weekends and public holidays. With detailed information and ticket prices can be found on the website Tagansky Park.

Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno” invites children and adults to visit the rope Park with a total area of 500 square meters. It is located near the Pokrovsky gates (near entrance gate No. 3). The complex is 10 meters divided into three floors and is equipped with a 75 suspension bridges. The route, which takes place on the ground floor, sky Park, will be interesting to children aged three to eight years, alignment of the second and third floors are designed for adults and the physically fit visitors. Rope Park is open from Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 to 20:00 and from 10:00 to 20:00 on weekends and public holidays. More information about the routes and cost of tickets on the website.

Also rope towns for the whole family open in the parks “Kuzminki”, Mitino, “Krasnaya Presnya” and Izmailovsky Park. Learn more about the routes and cost of tickets on official sites.

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in all the rope Park is regularly conducted disinfection and sanitization of surfaces.

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For lovers of active holidays this summer in some rest areas also equipped with modern and comfortable skate grounds. Ride skateboards, roller skates, BMX bikes and scooters Muscovites and guests of the capital can 14 parks. And for those who want to exercise outdoors in the 23 rest areas regularly free training. For example, in the Izmailovo Park you can attend aerobics classes, and the garden named after Bauman to learn the ancient Chinese qigong. Six recreational areas are open cross-country clubs. In addition, in 14 city parks for children and teenagers are regularly free creative and educational classes.

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