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MIL OSI Translation. Government of the Republic of France statements from French to English

Source: Republic of France in FrenchLa French Republic has issued the following statement:



The force Barkhane is continuing its effort in the region of the Liptako-Gourma area and focuses its action in the fight against armed groups of terrorists in the region so-called ” three borders “.


The GTD “Bercheny” into action in Ménaka

“A unit of the battle group desert (GTD)” Bercheny started his ownership of the area of the forward operating base in Menaka. Over the course of many joint patrolling with a section of the light unit of recognition and response (ULRI), the force Barkhane has controlled several areas considered sensitive, thereby allowing the malian armed Forces (FAMa) to tighten the links with the villages in the periphery of Menaka. In parallel, the GTD “Bercheny” has continued its actions of military partnership operating in forming a new section of the ULRI Ménaka.

Consolidation will be safe in the sector of Labbézanga

A unit of the battle group desert (GTD) “Bercheny” control, in conjunction with the FAMa, the sector Labbézanga.

The work of strengthening the fort “star” carried out by Barkhane are being completed and many action partnership military operations are undertaken simultaneously for the benefit of the FAMa. The efforts are conducted in the field of protection of the bases and controls expanded around the past, notably with the establishment of check-point and patrol unannounced.

Official launch of the Task Force TAKUBA

Having crossed its first milestone operating, the IOC (initial operational capability), on 15 July, the TF Takuba who has been given the mission to advise, assist and accompany them to the battle of the conventional units of the malian army in the fight against armed groups of terrorists (GAT) in the area of the three borders has just been officially launched. The spirit of the mission of Takuba fits perfectly in one of Barkhane, which remains to operationalise the armed forces partners so that they do, in the longer term, the fight against the residue of the GAT in to their account and virtually autonomous.

The first elements of the French special forces and the Estonian arrived in the band sahelo-saharan early July in order to take full possession of the premises. The sixty military has then received its vehicles and its equipment. The end recent work on their camp within the base of Gao allowed them to settle in new premises, from which they are already planning for future operational commitments.

The general Way, force commander Barkhane, went to Gao to officially launch this Task Force. In other words, Takuba has the numbers and hardware minimums for in practice to prepare for future missions and to anticipate its interactions with the company of malian soldiers.

Outputs air weekly (balance sheet July 15 to 21, inclusive)

The aircraft of the force Barkhane have achieved 100 outputs, among which 30 outputs hunting, 25 outputs, ISR and 45 missions of transport or refueling.



The operation Chammal is continuing, and the military remain firmly committed in their fight against the terrorist organization Daech Daesh, which attempts to reconstruct its network and continues its violent activities at a low level.


Transfer of authority to the representative of the national theatre

Parallel to the ceremony of July 14, 2020, the general of air brigade Stéphane Dupont, representative of the national theatre (SNR-O – National Senior Representative operational) for the operation Chammal, but also the director of the civilian-military action in the combined joint task force (CJTF), the staff of the operation Inherent Resolve (OIR), has transferred its responsibilities to the general of air brigade Dominique Tardif.

In the capacity of director of operations civil-military, the general is inserted in the staff of RTI’s mission is to coordinate the action of all actors in civil-military working for the stabilisation and development of the area iraq-syria. A role which fits in with the long time to help restore essential services.

The SNR-O is also the representative of the chief of staff of the armed forces as part of operation Chammal. In this capacity, he exercises the national control over the whole of the French military operation. It also ensures that the terms of employment of the French forces within the Coalition is registered in compliance with the national guidelines.

Since 2019, the terrorist organization Daech has no longer any territory in Iraq and Syria. Therefore, Iraq between now in a phase of stabilisation in the face of the terrorist threat to the Coalition OW to initiate a restructuring plan.

Thus, the general Dominique Tardif will continue the efforts needed in the field of civil environment of this operation and will continue to exercise national control of some 600 soldiers of the operation Chammal, spread between Kuwait, camp Union III in Baghdad, the air base projected in the Levant and the flight operations centre allied to Al Udeid in Qatar.

The Phoenix lands on the air Base planned (BAP) in the Levant

July 19, 2020, the A330 MRTT “Phenix” was asked for the first time on the air base projected in the Levant thanks to the support and work of many personal, sometimes in a time-constrained, including the operational support of the BAP, the 25th engineer regiment air (25th RGA), the air group of aeronautical facilities (GAIA), the detachment of the transit joint air (DéTIA), the center for joint coordination of transit transport movements (CCITM).

This landing required in advance of the work to upgrade the track, in particular by the specialists of the detachment of the 25th AGM to be already present on-site. In effect, it was necessary to ensure that the platform of aeronautics is sufficiently robust and in good condition to safely accommodate, over time and in harsh climatic conditions this type of aircraft.

Essential to the French air force, the “Phoenix” carries out missions to transport personnel and cargo, medical evacuation, but is also able to refuel in-flight to other aircraft, day or night.

Outputs air weekly (balance sheet July 15 to 21, inclusive)

Aircraft French based in Jordan and the united arab Emirates continue their actions against Daech, within the Coalition. This week, the aircraft engaged in the operation Chammal have made 26 sorties and 1 strikes.Page break


vet – the End of the maneuver logistics for the implementation of the French detachment Lynx 7

Launched at the beginning of this month, the logistic maneuvering of large-scale key to its end with the arrival of the last train in from France but also that of the last part of the quota.

As well, Monday 20 July, the last armoured vehicles have been transported from the train station Mockava to the Polish border up to the Gaziunai. The 5 tanks Leclerc, 14 armoured vehicles of combat of infantry (VBCI), the 2 DCL troubleshooters heavy tank (DCL) and all the necessary logistical and operational were conveyed up to the military camp of Rukla.

In addition, the 15 and 16 July, the detachment logistics support to allies, with the Dutch with three carriers versatile logistique (PPLOG) for recovery of freight at the port of Klaipeda, bordering the baltic sea. This operation illustrates the interoperability that exists daily between the different nations within the Battle Group.

At the end of the month, the detachment Lynx 7 will reach its full operational capability (full operational capability), and will then be fully integrated alongside the other nations of NATO. Lynx 7 will then take part in the exercises planned by the Headquarters of the vet Battle Group.

Since his arrival at the air base in Ämari in Estonia, the French detachment alternates between weeks so-called ” hot ” and ” cold “.

In the week’s ” hot “, France provides constantly operational. In this configuration, the detachment of aircraft, pilots and mechanics) is responsible for the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) base, and is ready 24 hours on 24 to intervene in the event of triggering of the alert. The air policing mission consists of monitoring and protecting the airspace of the baltic countries. In effect, all aircraft entering the zone must meet three conditions : have filed a flight plan valid, keep a radio link with the control bodies of civilians, and have an identification transponder. If these rules are not complied with, the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) is to alert air base Ämari. The Mirage 2000-5 takes off to go and escort the aircraft. During these weeks, ” hot “, the training activities are thus reduced in order to ensure the availability of the detachment. Nevertheless in the past that the so-called ” Tango scramble “, the aircraft can be redirected to an operational mission, the” Alpha scramble “.

From the sound tower alert April 30, 2020, the French detachment has scrambled its jets several times on real alert, to identify combat aircraft or transport flying in the airspace baltic without complying with the necessary conditions.

In a week, ” cold “, these are the nations that are deployed to the air base of Siaulai in Lithuania, which are the holders of the permanently operational, namely Spain and the United Kingdom are currently engaged in the mission of Baltic Air Policing (BAP). The French hunter to take advantage of this availability to participate in exercises combined with nations such as Finland, Sweden, Poland or Germany. They have recently contributed to the exercises “Baltops” and ” Ramstein Alloy “, allowing to practice fighting in a multinational environment. Flights binational are also organized on a regular basis, in particular with the hunters of finland and sweden in the framework of the protocol FSTE ” Finnish Swedish Training Events “, which allows these nations to train with the armies of NATO. The last flights of the franco-Finnish took place on 15 and 16 July 2020. Together, the pilots trained in the combat at long range, trying to push away the intrusion of an aircraft in a predefined area. The objective of these flights is to enhance the interoperability of the fighter pilots in the Alliance and maintain their operational capabilities.

In three months of mission, the detachment has done 449 hours of flight 309 outputs.


Naval operations

In the eastern Mediterranean, the frégate type La Fayette Aconite continues its actions for the benefit of the operation CHAMMAL.

Party of Toulon on the 13th of July last, the building of command and control and refueling (BCR) Var is deployed in the Mediterranean sea, and entered on the 18th of July in the Black sea. In this area of voltages marked in the numerous reports of force, the presence of French maritime integrates the various issues. On the one hand, the deployment of French buildings helps to maintain a more thorough knowledge of the area and contribute to the security of the maritime approaches to Europe. On the other hand, it is to affirm the strong commitment of France to respect international maritime law and the freedom of navigation.

Moreover, this deployment will be the opportunity for the Var to maintain the relations with the countries bordering the Black sea through exercises focusing on know-how common.

After a first commitment for the benefit of the european operation IRINI on 9 July, the aircraft of maritime surveillance Falcon 50 of the Navy has continued its activities this week. Built-in direct support to this operation to enforce the arms embargo to Libya, the Falcon 50 was able, thanks to its speed and its sensors cover a large area and thus put at the disposal of the staff of IRINI have a precise vision of maritime activities (commercial traffic, military activity) in the central Mediterranean.


In the framework of the fight against the pandemic COVID-19, the armed forces remain mobilized in support of civil authorities. The device is adapted to the circulation of the virus and to the needs expressed by the civil authorities, and is primarily for the benefit of Guyana.

the A400M equipped with the module MEROPE and deployed since the 26th of June last in the area to make transfers of patients in the resuscitation of Guyana to Martinique or Guadeloupe has been disengaged. During his deployment, he will process the transfer of 6 patients of French Guiana to the Antilles

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