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Pride, joy, hard work and new friends: after 40 years, athletes remember the legendary Moscow Olympics.

Exactly 40 years ago, July 19, 1980, at the stadium in Luzhniki lit a torch of the XXII summer Olympic games. To Moscow there arrived athletes from 81 countries, from all continents. Ahead of intense competition, tears of joy, hundreds of medals, dozens of world records and, of course, the main symbol of Olympic-80 — the bear who flew into the sky to the song “goodbye, Moscow!”, forcing him to cry millions of viewers, and which we remember even 40 years later.

Moscow six years preparing for the Olympics. During this time in the capital, new sports complexes, including the “Olympic”, the racetrack in Krylatskoe, an equestrian centre Bitza, a Palace of sports “Dynamo”, reconstructed Rowing canal, the stadium in Luzhniki and other objects. Specifically for the games, built the hotel “Cosmos” and “Izmailovo”, the new building of the television center “Ostankino” and a big Olympic village in Troparevo-Sochi.

The competition took place at the highest level, gave viewers priceless emotions and memories, tears of joy and sadness, the bright moments and spectacular performances. In the Soviet Union came Coca-Cola, Finnish beer and American cigarettes on the shelves are bursting with products. In the Soviet Union even launched the production of “ideologically harmful” gum.

We remember the Moscow Olympic games together with its main stars — Champions and prize-winners.

Yevgeny Grishin: it was sharpened on one goal — to win, win, win

Olympic champion water Polo player

When I realized that he was in the Olympic team, of course, felt elation. But this was resolved shortly before the Games. I, as they say, jumped into a departing train. Just over a month, Moscow hosted the pre-Olympic tournament, there was only one place in the national team that the coach has not yet determined. I played well and got the job.

Of course, parents very proud. My mother is an Olympic champion, dad is also the winner of two Olympic games. Of course, they were very happy that the son follow in their footsteps. Mom was in the stands rooting for me. When I became the Olympic champion, she was crying.

I, unfortunately, did not participate in the opening ceremony because of an injury. My whole team was at the stadium, in a celebratory column, and I was sitting with the doctor and massage therapist in the Olympic village and watching their kids on TV.

Of course, we’re at the games is very worried. If someone says that is not worried, do not believe. But you learn to get away from these thoughts, set up the game. Here, of course, important job coaches, psychologists. The training and workouts we try as much as possible to load itself physically, to get away from this unrest. Usually nervous, can’t sleep after some errors. At this Olympics was the match of the preliminary stage with the Hungarians. We won it, but I’m in this match is not scored from the penalty spot. I still remember in detail all the aspects of this penalty, like what happened.

Despite the boycott of many countries, in the discipline “water Polo” the tournament was very serious. The main competitors at that time was Yugoslavia, Hungary and Italy. First we beat the teams of Italy and Hungary, of course, hard to beat, can not say anything. And the final match was Yugoslavia, which decided the fate of the Olympic medals. Of course, we were thrilled! Threw our coach into the water. Was at water Polo this tradition: when I won the competition, then threw off the coach right in the clothes into the pool.

But the realization that I became the Olympic champion, came later, when the Olympics ended. Because the intensity of the struggle, emotions, passions, work through I can’t — they make it difficult for you to realize. And when already at home in a relaxed atmosphere mom hugged me, and said, “You did good, son!”, when started a variety of celebration, then I began to understand how important this is and honorable.

The most memorable last minutes of the game with Yugoslavia. We led the entire match and in the end have looked at the stopwatch, when the time runs out to win. I still remember these moments last seconds of the match, the final whistle, jubilation, then a podium, the medals… But still the brightest and most emotional memories is when the bear was gone. Everyone was in tears!

In Moscow, there was a very special atmosphere, but we, the athletes, this is just not seen. We lived in the Olympic village, constantly practicing, anything else was not. The whole team of the USSR (for all sports) was to win. And it happened — we had a record number of gold medals. Everything was sharpened on one goal — to win, win, win.

20 years to become an Olympic champion is the ultimate dream for any athlete. Many go to this for years, the people who do that, some don’t. For me to become a champion at that age — it was just like winning the lottery, I pulled out the happy ticket.

At the next competition, which was held after the Olympic games, the opponents have more respect for our team, at the same time, there was a responsibility, because to win anything, but to defend hard enough. The following year was the European championship in 1981, which we won. The Olympics was a springboard for further victories. We pre-1986 won almost all the competitions that were only possible to win two European Championships and the world Cup. If not for the boycott of the Olympics in Los Angeles in 1984, 90 percent I’m sure we would have won there, too, and become double Olympic Champions.

Olympics-80 meant a lot not only for us athletes, but also for the whole country. Built a lot of sports facilities, new pools, stadiums and other facilities. It was a tremendous promotion of sports, more children become engaged, began to appear promising young athletes.

Tatyana Ovechkina: Game house is, on the one hand, the support, and with another — a huge responsibility

Two-time Olympic champion basketball player

When I learned that the Olympics will be held in Moscow, I was very glad that will not have to go. But seriously, it was a huge pride. We, the athletes, our coaches, friends and family happy. Everyone wanted to see us live as we play.

I knew that I was in that team. Of course, all tried, the competition was great, because in the Soviet Union was strong basketball. Despite the fact that I was a team player, I am still at every game in the championship of the Soviet Union proved that not in vain I was invited to the national team, not in vain I am the player of a national team of the country.

The first impression from the Olympics — it’s a shock how empty and cleaned was Moscow. The shelves in the shops were bursting with food. There was such peace, tranquility, purity. In short, it was very cool!

The most challenging was the match against Czechoslovakia. We always played with them point to point. For example, at the Montreal Olympics in 1976 we have won only 13 points.

Game house is, on the one hand, the support, and with another — a huge responsibility. You know, there are your coaches, friends, relatives, neighbors, it is impossible to strike in a dirt the person. But they were great, very friendly, it was nice to play.

We lived in the Olympic village with the other athletes. Talked, of course, in the first place with his team, but with the foreigners too. There is a special atmosphere: all cheer for each other, support. Always after the match wondering how you played. We went to see the games of men basketball players. We loved playing the men’s team of Yugoslavia, it was a lot of strong players.

In the village was especially memorable restaurants. There were a few, but tastes best fed in “Sofia” and “Prague”. We, by the way, and the men managed to feed from there. Chefs we collected food containers, we have them passed.

The team we were international: Latvia, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Russian too, of course.

We walked to victory four years with the Montreal Olympics. Dreamed that we win that we get. And when this dream has come true, we were very pleased. The medals are so beautiful! And another form we had a great: jackets and skirts. Looks great! Generally everything went well, starting with discovery and ending with the legendary closing with a bear. Still, when I hear the song “goodbye, Moscow!”, just remember those Olympic games. As we were in this huge bowl with the jam-Packed bleachers… And tears welling.

Not all of the athletes the Olympics were a celebration. Twice (at the time) world champion on free-style wrestling Sergey Korniliev took games bronze. The result is that millions of ordinary people seems like a huge achievement, became a disappointment to him.

Sergei Kornilaev: the Feast passed by me

Bronze medalist of the XXII Olympic and four-time world champion freestyle wrestler

I do not understand, get in the team or not. And instead of normal training before, I was nervous about this situation. It was just the stress that lasted for all Games. I only then, when all is analyzed, understood I was mentally exhausted. Apparently, this differs from the Olympic games — there is the psychological pressure is much stronger there.

The most annoying is that I had the opportunity to win. The tournament before last was in my favor. But I didn’t use it. And only when I was standing on the podium, I realized what I’d done. Of course, I will not be abused, neither the team nor the coaches. But I felt I had let the team, coaches, and country.

People believe that the bronze of the Olympics is a great achievement, but for me it is not. Because the gold medal was very close, and I managed not to take. And still, when I see their coaches, I am ashamed that I failed them. And with this burden I have lived for 40 years.

In Moscow there was a big festival, we, the athletes all celebrated, it was for us. People from different cities and countries talked, rejoiced, congratulated each other, but it all passed me by.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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