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In natural areas equipped with 69 kilometres of cycle lanes. They padded along the embankments and ponds, through the alleys and through the woods and past the modern art objects.

The route from home to work by bike has become for many citizens familiar. But if you want not only to ride but also to see the beautiful scenery, you should go to the parks. Rest areas equipped with 69 kilometres of cycle lanes: along the embankments and around ponds, woods and open areas. Most scenic routes in the material

Through the rosary or mirror maze

One of the most beautiful routes for cyclists is at the parterre part of Sokolniki Park. Bike path for 12 miles through Central grounds, the forest, a large rose garden and Dog pond. The trail is paved with asphalt along it installed signs, the markings. In addition, free bike wash — on the Festival square works kitchen sink with a self-service system.

In the landscape Park “Mitino” is equipped with a Bicycle track with a length of 3.7 kilometers. Conditionally it can be divided into two routes. The first runs along the streets of Razlovci and Perehinsko and ends on the Festival square, the second along Penjaginskaja of the pond. The Cycling path is separated from the pedestrian zone with a band of voluminous granite blocks.

Fake alleys and hills, past the dry fountain and the art object “Mirror maze” you can ride in the Park “Khodynka”. The bike path is small in length, only 2.5 kilometers, but very beautiful.

Beavers, elk and bronze Gagarin hexagon: the most unusual art objects of the capital Dry fountains and artificial ponds such as water adorns the city

The Grand Ducal pond or in the shade of relict trees

For leisurely Cycling is to go to Izmailovsky Park and enjoy the scenery. The route length of 4.3 kilometres begins in the Central part of the Park with the alley of a Great Circle, goes along a forest alley Proletarian Entrance and ends at the entrance to the Park from the highway Enthusiasts. To relax or grab a bite to eat on the benches installed along the alleys.

In Park “Northern Tushino” you can ride along the waterfront and enjoy views of the port of the Northern river station and the Khimki reservoir. The length of the track is 3.2 kilometers for the whole route installed bike racks and kiosks with water. The promenade is especially beautiful in the evening during sunset. But by nightfall, will be no less comfortable — well-lit bike paths (and not only in “North Tushino”).

Take a ride along the Moscow river in the Park “Fili”, here the view opens to the Mnevniki floodplain. On a hot day, you can ride in the shade of tall relict trees. Bike path length of 2.5 kilometers starts near the main entrance is along the Northern part of the Park, where you can hear only the birds singing, crosses the main Avenue and ends near the sports complex “Designer”.

In the list of routes with beautiful views, and includes a bike path in the Park by the ponds “Raduga”. Its length is two kilometers. The route passes on the picturesque promenade along the cascade a Large Count and the Italian ponds, who came here in 1750. Along the path grow deciduous and coniferous trees, flower beds.

By the way, the bike can always be rented. For example, are city service or rent it directly in the parks.

Bike paths in the parks of Moscow:

— Sokolniki Park — 12 kilometers

— landscape Park “Mitino” — 3.7 kilometers

Izmailovsky Park — 4.3 km

— natural reserve “Vorobyovy Gory” — 4,3 kilometer

— Park, Borisovsky ponds, and the namesake recreation area — 3.8 kilometer and three kilometers respectively

Park 50-letiya Oktyabrya — 3.5 kilometers

square in the Olonets travel — 3.5 kilometers

Park “Northern Tushino” is 3.2 kilometres

Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye” — 3,1 kilometer

Park “Angara ponds” — 3,1 kilometer

Park Olympic village — three kilometers

Gorky Park — 2.7 kilometers

Park “Khodynka” — 2.5 kilometers

Park “Fili” — 2.5 kilometers

Park “Gardeners” — two kilometers

Park at the ponds “Raduga” — two kilometers

Park at Gagarinskoe pond 1.9 km

— area “Left” — 1.3 kilometers

Park of arts “Muzeon” — 1.2 kilometers

— manor Altufyevo — 900 meters

— Goncharovsky Park — 800 meters

Cooper Park is 800 metres away.

Along the Moscow river or the Palace of the Empress: the most picturesque running tracks in the parks Exercise outdoors: yoga returns to the Park

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