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13 July 2020

  • Compulsory intervention rates for Bulgarian lev and Croatian kuna established as of 13 July 2020 following their inclusion in ERM II
  • Compulsory intervention rates agreed by accord between ECB and national central banks
  • Euro central and compulsory intervention rates for Danish krone remain unchanged

Further to the decisions taken on 13 July 2020 (see communiqués of the European Union of the same date) on the euro central rates in ERM II for the Bulgarian lev and the Croatian kuna, the compulsory intervention rates for these currencies have been established with effect from 13 July 2020 and are set out in the table below.

The compulsory intervention rates have been agreed by common accord between the European Central Bank (ECB) and Българска народна банка (Bulgarian National Bank) and Hrvatska narodna banka, (Croatian National Bank) in line with Article 1.2 of the Agreement of 16 March 2006 between the European Central Bank and the national central banks of the Member States outside the euro area laying down the operating procedures for an exchange rate mechanism in stage three of Economic and Monetary Union (OJ C 73, 25.3.2006, p. 21).

The euro central rates and compulsory intervention rates for the Danish krone remain unchanged.

Euro central rates and compulsory intervention rates for the currencies of the Member States participating in ERM II, in force as of 13 July 2020

Country and currency

EUR 1 =

DenmarkDanish krone (DKK) (unchanged)

Upper rateCentral rateLower rate


BulgariaBulgarian lev (BGN)

Upper rateCentral rateLower rate


CroatiaCroatian kuna (HRK)

Upper rateCentral rateLower rate


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